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Audiology & Speech Pathology

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The Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology

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About the UCLA Audiology Clinic

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center mission is to provide excellent patient care in support of the educational and scientific programs of the Schools of the UCLA Center for the Health Sciences. In keeping with this mission statement, the Audiology clinic provides services to people of all ages and with any hearing related disorder.

There are four Senior Audiologists who are available for consultation and who provide hearing services for all patients, from birth to the elderly. They offer hearing assessments, hearing aids, cochlear implants and diagnostic testing including:

  • Basic hearing testing - to assess the presence of hearing or hearing loss Advanced diagnostic procedures for the purpose of quantifying hearing loss in that population who cannot participate in a basic hearing test. This population includes:
    Babies from birth to childhood
    Developmentally delayed children and adults
    Patients with functional hearing loss
  • Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER/ABR) in babies, adults or children either in natural sleep or under general anesthesia. This test is a physiological evaluation of the hearing pathways and can be used to assess hearing in children from as early as birth.
  • Otoacoustic emission testing - to evaluate cochlear (inner ear) functioning
  • Tympanometry - to assess middle ear functioning, usually to assist in the diagnosis of middle ear pathology such as otitis media or otosclerosis
  • Play audiometry - used to assess children's hearing from ages 3 and older
  • Visual response audiometry - to assess hearing in children prior to the age of 3 years.
  • Electrocochleography (ECoG) - used to assist in the diagnosis of cochlear related pathologies such as Meniere's Disease.
  • Electroneuronography (ENoG) - assesses the function of the facial nerve.
  • Full Cochlear implant services - will assess the eligibility of a patient to receive a cochlear implant. The service provides information, counseling, testing, hearing aid evaluation, and preparation for further evaluations such as scan, medical visits etc. Following the implant the Audiology clinic provides all mapping and rehabilitation services necessary for cochlear implant patients.
  • Hearing aid dispensing - The Audiology Clinic dispenses most major brands of digital and non-digital hearing aids at competitive prices. All styles of hearing aids are available.
  • Aural rehabilitation - for patients who have hearing loss or cochlear implants and need training on listening skills to improve communication abilities.

About the UCLA Speech Pathology Clinic

Assessments and Treatments
The UCLA Speech Pathology Clinic treats individuals with speech, language, cognitive, and/or swallowing problems.

In order to deliver the best services possible, we will try to schedule your appointments as conveniently for you as possible. We will communicate our findings to your physician and involve you in the formation of therapy goals and customize treatment to your needs.

Areas of Expertise
The UCLA Speech Pathology Clinic offers comprehensive services to children and adults. Areas of specialty include the following:

  • Apraxia (Problems in the motor programming of movement for speech)
  • Dysarthria (Speech disorder occurring because of problems with the central or peripheral nervous system)
  • Speech disorders related to head and neck cancer, including tracheoesophageal puncture for laryngectomees
  • Aphasia (Problems understanding and expressing language related to brain injury)
  • Developmental speech and language delay
  • Cognitive dysfunction (Problems of attention, memory, and reasoning due to brain injury)
  • Dysphagia (Problems with swallowing disorders)
  • Voice disorders

The Speech Pathology Clinic offers services for inpatients and outpatients.  The clinic is staffed by experienced clinicians who are dedicated to serving patients.

Telephone Number
(310) 825-5721 Audiology
(310) 825-8551 Speech Pathology

Fax Number
(310) 206-2331




Body System Location
Ear, Nose and Throat

The UCLA Audiology and Speech Pathology Clinics are open from:

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed 12 to 1 PM), Monday thru Friday
We are closed on holidays

Our Address
Audiology & Speech Pathology Clinics
200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 540
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6955

Our Phone Numbers
Audiology: (310) 825-5721
Speech Pathology: (310) 825-8551
Fax: (310) 206-2331