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Pediatric Otolaryngology


The Department of Head and Neck Surgery

Pediatric Otolaryngology

The UCLA Pediatric Otolaryngology Program provides medical and surgical management of children with ear, nose and throat disorders. Children from birth to age 21 years are treated by pediatric subspecialists in all aspects of their ear, nose and throat-related problems. Dr. Nina Shapiro is a pediatric otolaryngologist with a clinical and research practice devoted to ear, nose and throat disorders in children. As the first fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologist at UCLA, Dr. Shapiro has brought new, innovative techniques for the treatment of pediatric disorders to UCLA. Dr. Alisha West, also a fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologist, began practicing with our division in 2011. Surgeries are performed on children with all facets of ear, nose and throat disorders. These include endoscopic airway and sinus surgery, and laser procedures for the airway and head and neck.

Patients with the following conditions are candidates for referral to the UCLA Pediatric Otolaryngology Program:

  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Obstructive sleep problems due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids
  • Recurrent sinus infections
  • Airway problems
  • Voice disorders
  • Congenital head and neck malformations
  • Head and neck tumors

For more information, please visit the Pediatric Otolaryngology Program page on the Department of Head and Neck Surgery website.

Telephone Number
(310) 206-6688 Appointment, information, and referral

Provider Specialty
Shapiro, Nina MD General Surgery; Otolaryngology / Head & Neck
West, Alisha MD Pediatric Otolaryngology/Head & Neck
Head & Neck Surgery

Body System Location
Ear, Nose and Throat

Age/Sex Gender
Child/Teen Health