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Cochlear Implant Program


The Department of Head and Neck Surgery

Cochlear Implant Program

The Cochlear Implant Program at UCLA represents one of the largest and most prestigious cochlear implant centers in California and is well recognized across the country. The program has been in existence since 1997 and has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise providing quality medical care to close to 500 cochlear implant recipients, young and old. The number of patients implanted annually continues to rise as a result of expanding candidacy criteria for implantation as well as new developments in cutting-edge cochlear implant technology. The UCLA Cochlear Implant Program incorporates a knowledgeable and sophisticated team of scientists and healthcare professionals.

What is a Cochlear Implant?
A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. An implant does not restore normal hearing. Instead, it can give a deaf person a useful representation of sounds in the environment and helps him or her to understand speech.

UCLA determines implant candidacy on an individual basis and takes into account a person's hearing history, cause of hearing loss, amount of residual hearing, speech recognition ability, health status, and family commitment to aural habilitation/rehabilitation. The three main groups of people to receive implants are post-lingually deaf adults, pre-lingually deaf children and post-lingually hearing-impaired people whose hearing loss is usually due to disease. Because of cochlear implantation is a rather delicate and challenging procedure patients should consider the experience and knowledge of the medical staff and clinical associates when selecting a cochlear implant center.

For more information, please visit the Cochlear Implant Program page on the Department of Head and Neck Surgery website.

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(310) 206-6688 Appointment, information and referral

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Gopen, Quinton MD Otolaryngology / Head & Neck
Ishiyama, Akira MD Otolaryngology / Head & Neck
Head & Neck Surgery

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Ear, Nose and Throat