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UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

Labor and Delivery Unit


High Risk Pregnancy Care

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UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
1250 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(424) 259-9250

About Our Unit

Welcome to our Labor & Delivery Unit, which includes an Antepartum section where we provide comprehensive care to women with high-risk pregnancies who are experiencing pre-term labor or other pregnancyrelated complications.

Labor & Delivery features eight rooms designed especially for women who need continuous monitoring and specialized medical and nursing care. In addition, we have seven delivery rooms that also can be used for pre-term patients, if needed, two operating rooms and a recovery room.

We encourage patients on prolonged bed rest to have a family member or support person bring in special items from home to make their rooms as comfortable and as home-like as possible.

About Your Stay

Our patients receive individualized and compassionate care from a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, physicians, perinatologists, neonatologists, social workers, physical therapists, dieticians and hospital chaplains.

Our goal is to help women extend their pregnancies as long as possible to improve the likelihood of delivering healthy babies. Our staff is dedicated to helping patients and their families adjust to this temporary lifestyle change.

Your Care Team

Your physician provides oversight and direction for your care. Patients receive daily visits from their physicians during rounds and more frequent visits, as necessary. Our team communicates with your physician on a daily basis.

Residents and Fellows
Patients whose care is being directed by a family medicine physician may be seen by a family medicine resident. Additionally, we have neonatology fellows in our Neonatal ICU. Residents and fellows work under the direct supervision of our attending physicians.

Registered Nurses
Our Labor & Delivery registered nurses monitor your status, administer medications and communicate your needs to your doctors and other healthcare providers. They provide daily nursing care and oversee other team members who ensure your comfort and hygiene needs are met.

Your physician may order a consultation with a “perinatologist” — doctor who specializes in managing high-risk pregnancy issues.

You also may receive a visit from a “neonatologist,” a pediatric specialist who provides comprehensive care to premature or ill newborns.

Good nutrition is vital to the health and growth of your baby and your own well-being. A dietitian will meet routinely with you to discuss your daily dietary requirements and provide nutritional counseling.

Physical Therapists
Our physical therapists provide information on acceptable exercises to promote physical well-being while you are on prolonged bed rest.

Social Workers
Social workers facilitate support services and community referrals. They meet with you during the first couple of days of your stay and later, as needed. They also are available to discuss any concerns.

Spiritual Care
Our Spiritual Care chaplains tend to the spiritual and emotional needs and concerns of all patients and families. Chaplains participate as full members of our care team and provide support and reflection during your hospital stay. Patients of any faith tradition — or none — may request a chaplain visit for support and assistance in finding serenity, trust, strength and hope. The rituals and sacraments of each patient’s faith will be honored and provided, as available. To request a chaplain visit, please ask your nurse or call (424) 259-8170. Spiritual Care also can arrange a visit from your personal clergy person.

During Your Stay

Most patients admitted for extended stays during pregnancy are placed on bed rest and, with a doctor’s order, may be allowed light activities such as bathroom and shower privileges. If you are on bed rest only, you will receive assistance with your daily grooming needs, such as bathing, hair washing and gown changes. We suggest you plan with your nurse each morning when you want help with bathing and grooming.

You will be monitored continuously for uterine contractions and your baby’s heart rate will be checked at least twice daily. Monitoring may last anywhere from a minute to check fetal heart tones to an hour for a non-stress test. Depending on your diagnosis, your physician may order continuous monitoring of your baby’s heart.

Your nurse will check your vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and respirations, along with a full head-to-toe assessment, at least twice daily, typically once during the day shift and once during the night shift.

Our day shift occurs from 7 am to 7 pm and night shift is from 7 pm to 7 am. We are available to help with all your needs, but may request a slight delay in service during shift change, unless it is an emergency, until we complete hand-off reports for other patients at their bedside. Please let us know if bedside report is inconvenient.

Visitor Policy

There are no restrictions for family members or friends to visit you during the day. However, no children under age 14, except your own, will be permitted to visit unless given prior permission by unit management.

For the safety of our patients and staff, children and adults with signs or symptoms of a cold, flu or any other illness should not visit.

We encourage you to schedule visitors throughout the day, but also to allow for adequate rest periods, which are essential for the wellbeing of you and your baby. Depending on your condition, you may be permitted to visit with friends or family members on one of our outdoor patios or courtyards. A doctor’s order is required for patio privileges.

Your dog may visit you in the hospital, but first you must complete the “Information for Pet Visitation” form and have it signed by your veterinarian. Your dog must be healthy, well-groomed and current with all vaccinations. Our staff reserves the right to refuse pet visitation at our discretion.

Telephone Service

Each patient room contains a telephone with a direct dial-number. We suggest you give out this number sparingly as we cannot block calls should you wish not to be disturbed.

To call anywhere within the hospital, simply dial the 5-digit extension.

For local calls dial 8 + the seven digit number within the 310 or 424 area codes. For all other calls, dial 8 + 1 + area code + seven digit number. If the number is a toll call, an operator will come on the line to take your billing information.

Unfortunately, long distance calls cannot be dialed from the phone in your room. If you wish to make a collect call, to charge a call to your home telephone or to charge a call to a regular credit card, dial 8 + 0 for an outside operator.

Cell phones are permitted, but please limit use to your room and keep the ring tone on low or vibrate. Cell-phone use by your visitors also is limited to your room or outdoor areas. Cell phones should not be used in our hallways.


For complete information on parking options, please refer to the parking information section of our BirthPlace packet you were given on admission.

We suggest that a spouse or main support person who intends to spend long periods of time at the hospital purchase a weekly or monthly parking pass at our Security Desk in the main lobby, 1250 16th Street. The desk is staffed 24 hours a day.

Daily, weekly and monthly passes are available and our Security personnel can give you the current rates. Ask your nurse for a yellow parking bracelet, which will allow you to park at a reduced rate.


You can access a variety of educational, social and personal-care activities during your stay with us.

The “Newborn Channel,” available in your room, provides educational programming on pregnancy, delivery, baby care and what to expect after delivery.

The BirthPlace offers many classes that may be beneficial to you (see class schedule in your BirthPlace packet or online at uclahealth.org/ thebirthplace). We will gladly help you attend by gurney or wheelchair, if possible, depending on your condition and your physician’s consent.

If you have access to a laptop computer, we can suggest many valuable websites to access vital information and support groups related to your condition.

Some previous patients have formed a support network and made their telephone numbers and email addresses available to current patients wishing to chat with someone who has been through a similar experience. Please ask your nurse for details.

We host an Antepartum Support Group meeting every other Thursday at 1 pm in our Labor & Delivery waiting area. Please let your nurse know if you would like to attend so we can make arrangements for you.

Our Volunteer Services office and some staff members are available to teach you how to knit or crochet, if interested.

If you would like to schedule a pregnancy massage, manicure/pedicure, haircut or hairstyle change, please ask your nurse for the names and numbers of people who make hospital visits to perform these services.

Celebrations such as baby showers, birthday parties and even weddings can be arranged in various areas of our hospital, especially our Family Dining Lounge. Please contact our BirthPlace office for help coordinating the date, time and place for your celebration.

Volunteer to Make a Difference

UCLA Health invites you to explore volunteer opportunities at our hospitals in Santa Monica or Westwood. Our volunteers are exceptional people who help themselves by helping others. These men, women and teenagers donate their time and talents throughout our hospitals, research facilities and patient-care areas, bringing a special touch to our patients and families.

Anyone 15 years or older can become a volunteer.

To learn more, call the numbers listed below or go to uclahealth.org/volunteer.

Quick Reference Guide

Director of Maternal Child Health
Nancy Sanchez
(424) 259-8221

Assistant Director, Labor & Delivery
Anne Heffernan
(424) 259-8224

Assistant Director, Postpartum Unit
Moreen Pushkin
(424) 259-8222

Assistant Director, NICU
Leticia Dahlke
(424) 259-8223

Charge Nurse
((424) 259-9254

Manager, Maternity Services & Parenting Education
Tahjanae Northcutt
(424) 259-8251

Birth Certificate Office
Edlyn Romo
(424) 259-8249

Spiritual Care
(424) 259-8170

Security and Parking Services
(424) 259-9100