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UCLA Health Sciences Media Beats (alphabetical)

Staff Roster


Amy Albin  310-794-8672 aalbin@mednet.ucla.edu
Ted Braun  310-319-4567 tbraun@mednet.ucla.edu
Rachel Champeau  310-794-2270   rchampeau@mednet.ucla.edu
Brianna Deane  310-206-0835 bdeane@dentistry.ucla.edu
Kim Irwin  310-794-2262  kirwin@mednet.ucla.edu
Shaun Mason  310-2672475 smason@mednet.ucla.edu
Roxanne Moster  310-794-2264   rmoster@mednet.ucla.edu
Enrique Rivero  310-794-2273  erivero@mednet.ucla.edu
Elaine Schmidt  310-794-2272   eschmidt@mednet.ucla.edu
Simi Singer  310-319-4349 ssinger@mednet.ucla.edu
Dale Tate  310-794-8171   dtate@mednet.ucla.edu
Mark Wheeler  310-794-2265  mwheeler@mednet.ucla.edu


ABC Hospital Project - Roxanne Moster
Addiction - Mark Wheeler  
ADHD - Mark Wheeler
Administration (Medical Center and UCLA School of Medicine) - Dale Tate
Aging & Memory Research Institute (Longevity Center) - Rachel Champeau
AIDS - Enrique Rivero
AIDS Neurological Aspects - Kim Irwin
Allergy & Immunology (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Allergy & Immunology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Allergy & Immunology (Santa Monica) - Simi Singer
Alternative Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Alzheimer's & Dementia Care Program - Enrique Rivero
Anesthesiology - Rachel Champeau
Animal Assisted Therapy - Amy Albin
Anxiety Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Artery Diseases - Rachel Champeau
Arthritis - Rachel Champeau
Asian Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Asthma - Rachel Champeau
Audiology - Elaine Schmidt
Autism - Mark Wheeler
Auto Islet Transplant - Enrique Rivero
Autopsy - Elaine Schmidt
Auxiliary - Amy Albin

Bariatric Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Biobehavioral Sciences (Adult & Pediatric) Mark Wheeler
Biological Chemistry (Dept of) - Elaine Schmidt
Biomathematics (Dept of) - Elaine Schmidt
Bipolar Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Blood Donation - Elaine Schmidt
Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant - Kim Irwin
Brain Injury - Mark Wheeler
Brain Mapping - Mark Wheeler
Brain Research Institute - Mark Wheeler/Elaine Schmidt
Breast Cancer - Shaun Mason
Breast Research Institute - Elaine Schmidt/Mark Wheeler

Cancer - Shaun Mason
Cardiology (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Cardiology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Cardiothoracic Surgery - Amy Albin
Center for Advanced Surgical & Interventional Technology (CASIT) - Rachel Champeau
Center for Clinical AIDS Research and Education - Enrique Rivero
Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities - Amy Albin
Center for Study of Latino Health & Culture - Enrique Rivero
Child Life program - Amy Albin
Children's Comfort Care - Amy Albin
Children's Hospital at UCLA, Mattel - Amy Albin
Clinical Social Work - Amy Albin
Clinical Trials - Kim Irwin
Cochlear Implants - Elaine Schmidt
Collaborative Center for Integrative Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Collaborative Center for Trauma & Mental Health Disparities - Enrique Rivero
Community Health (center for) - Mark Wheeler
Community Outreach - Enrique Rivero
Conflict of Interest issues - Moster, Roxanne/Tate, Dale
Cosmetic Surgery - Amy Albin
Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology - Mark Wheeler
Craniofacial Clinic - Amy Albin
Crisis Management - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
Critical Care (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Critical Care in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Critical Care (pediatric) -Amy Albin
Culture & Health (center for) - Mark Wheeler
Curriculum (School of Medicine, UCLA) - Elaine Schmidt
Daltery/Townshend Teen & Young Adult Cancer Center - Simi Singer/Roxanne Moster
David Geffen School of Medicine (Research) - Elaine Schmidt
Dentistry - Brianna Deane
Depression - Mark Wheeler
Dermatology (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Dermatology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Developmental Studies (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Diabetes - Enrique Rivero
Digestive Diseases - Rachel Champeau
Disaster Preparedness/Response (SchMed and Hospital) - Roxanne Moster
Disaster Preparedness/Response (Public Health) - Mark Wheeler
Documentary Projects - Roxanne Moster
Donated Body Program - Elaine Schmidt

Ear, Nose & Throat - Elaine Schmidt
Ear, Nose & Throat in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
East-West Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Eating Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Emergency Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Emergency Medicine in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Emergency Neurology - Kim Irwin
Endocrine Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Endocrinology (adult) - Enrique Rivero
Endocrinology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
ENT in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Environmental health (public health) - Mark Wheeler
Epidemiology - Mark Wheeler
Epilepsy Program (adult) - Kim Irwin
Ethics - Enrique Rivero
Experimental Therapeutics - Kim Irwin
Eye Care/Surgery - Elaine Schmidt
Eye Care in Santa Monica - Simi Singer

Face Transplant - Amy Albin/Elaine Schmidt/Roxanne Moster
Faculty Practice Group - Ted Braun/Roxanne Moster
Family Medicine (Clinical) - Ted Braun
Family Medicine (Research) - Enrique Rivero
Finances - Dale Tate
Fit for Healthy Weight - Amy Albin
Fund-Raising Issues (Medical Center & School of Medicine, UCLA) - Roxanne Moster

Gastroenterology (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Gastroenterology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
General Internal Medicine - Enrique Rivero
General Surgery in Santa Monica - Susan Singer
Geffen School of Medicine (See School of Medicine, UCLA) - Elaine Schmidt
General Pediatric - Amy Albin
General Surgery - Rachel Champeau
General Surgery in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
General & Trauma Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Genetics (human) - Elaine Schmidt
Geriatrics (clinical) - Ted Braun
Geriatrics (research) - Enrique Rivero
Global Health Education Program - Elaine Schmidt
Gonda Neuroscience & Genetics Research - Elaine Schmidt
Gonda Robotic Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Government Relations (Medical Center and School of Medicine, UCLA) - Dale Tate
Gynecology - Kim Irwin

Hair loss - Rachel Champeau
Hand Transplant - Enrique Rivero/Amy Albin/Roxanne Moster
Head & Neck Surgery - Elaine Schmidt
Headache Disorders Program (Neurology) - Mark Wheeler
Health Disparities - Enrique Rivero
Health Policy & Services (Public Health) - Mark Wheeler
Health Services & Society (Center for) - Mark Wheeler
Health Services Research - Kim Irwin
Health System International Relations issues - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
Healthier Children, Families & Communities - Amy Albin
Heart Transplant (adult & pediatric) - Amy Albin
Hematology - Kim Irwin
Hematology/Oncology (adult)- Shaun Mason
Hematology/Oncology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Hepatology - Enrique Rivero
HIPPA Patient Privacy & Compliance issues - Dale Tate/Roxanne Moster
Homosexuality (biology) - Elaine Schmidt
Hospital, Administration & Finances (School of Medicine) - Dale Tate
Human Genetics - Elaine Schmidt
Human Resources & Union Issues (Medical Center and School of Medicine, UCLA) - Dale Tate/Roxanne Moster
Huntington's Diseases - Kim Irwin
Hyperbaric Medicine/Chamber - Rachel Champeau

IBS (adult) - Rachel Champeau
IBS (pediatric) - Amy Albin
ICU Critical Care (Neurology) - Kim Irwin
Image-Guided surgery - Elaine Schmidt
Immunology (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Immunology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Immunology & Molecular Genetics (Dept of) - Elaine Schmidt
Infectious Diseases (adult) - Enrique Rivero
Infectious Diseases (pediatrics) - Amy Albin
Infectious Diseases (neurology) - Kim Irwin
Information Technology - Enrique Rivero
Institute for Molecular Medicine - Elaine Schmidt
Integrated Substance Abuse Program - Mark Wheeler
Integrative Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Intellectual & Development Disabilities Research Center - Mark Wheeler
Internal Medicine - Rachel Champeau
Interpreting Services - Enrique Rivero
Intersexuality  -Elaine Schmidt
Intestinal Transplant - Kim Irwin
Iris Cantor UCLA Women's Health Center - Kim Irwin
Issues Management - Dale Tate

Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center - Shaun Mason
Jules Stein Eye Institute - Elaine Schmidt

Kidney transplant - Enrique Rivero

Laboratory Medicine - Elaine Schmidt
Laboratory of Neuro-Imaging - (LONI) - Mark Wheeler
Larry Hillbrom Research Center (adult) - Enrique Rivero
Latino Health and Culture - Enrique Rivero
Legal Affairs/Issues (Medical Center and School of Medicine, UCLA) - Dale Tate/Roxanne Moster
Liver Transplant - Kim Irwin
Longevity Center (Aging & Memory Research) - Rachel Champeau
Lung Transplant (adult & pediatric) - Amy Albin

Male Menopause - Kim Irwin
Male Sexual Health (infertility, dysfunction) - Kim Irwin
Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA - Amy Albin
Medical Building in Santa Monica - Ted Braun
Medical Group Issues - Roxanne Moster
Media Issues - Roxanne Moster
Media Training - Roxanne Moster
Medical Center, UCLA  
   Administration - Dale Tate
   Disaster Preparedness/Response - Roxanne Moster
   Finances - Dale Tate
   Fundraising - Roxanne Moster
   Government Affairs - Dale Tate
   Human Resources - Roxanne Moster
   Legal Affairs/Issues - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
   Media Training - Roxanne Moster
   Patient Issues - Roxanne Moster 
   Regental Issues -- Dale Tate
   Replacement Hospital (Reagan) -- Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
   Replacement Hospital (Santa Monica) - Ted Braun
   Spiritual Care - Amy Albin
Medical Center & Orthopaedic Hospital, Santa Monica-UCLA - Simi Singer
Medical Group Issues - Roxanne Moster
Medical Imaging - Elaine Schmidt
Medical School (see School of Medicine, UCLA) - Elaine Schmidt
Memory Research Center - Rachel Champeau
Mental Health - Mark Wheeler
Microbiology- Elaine Schmidt
Mind/Body Medicine - Mark Wheeler/Rachel Champeau
Molecular & Medical Pharmacology - Elaine Schmidt
Molecular Biology institute - Elaine Shcmidt
Mood Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Movement Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Multiple Sclerosis - Mark Wheeler

Nanomedicine - Kim Irwin
National Center for Child Traumatic Stress - Mark Wheeler
Neonatology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Neonatology in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Nephrology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Nephrology (adult) - Enrique Rivero
Neurobiology - Elaine Schmidt
Neurobiology of Stress (center for) - Mark Wheeler
Neuro-imaging - Mark Wheeler
Neurologic Oncology - Kim Irwin
Neurology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Neurology (adult) - Mark Wheeler
Neurology Education - Kim Irwin
Neuro-Genetics - Mark Wheeler
Neuro-Muscular Disorders - Kim Irwin 
Neuro-Otology - Kim Irwin
Neuro-Physiology - Kim Irwin
Neuro-Rehabilitation - Mark Wheeler
Neuroscience Discovery - Kim Irwin
Neurosurgery (adult) - Elaine Schmidt
Neurosurgery (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Neuropsychiatric Hospital UCLA (NPI) - Mark Wheeler
Nursing - Amy Albin
Nutritional Services - Rachel Champeau


Obesity (adult) - Mark Wheeler
Obesity (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Obstetrics/Gynecology - Kim Irwin
Obstetrics/Gynecology in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Occupational Therapy - Enrique Rivero
Office Administration - Roxanne Moster
Olympic Analytical Lab - Elaine Schmidt
Operation Mend - Amy Albin/Roxanne Moster
Ophthalmology - Elaine Schmidt
Oral Health - Brianna Deane
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (adult) - Enrique Rivero
Orthopaedics - Simi Singer
Orthopaedic Surgery (Clinical & Research) - Simi Singer
Orthopaedic Surgery (pediatric) - Amy Albin 
Outpatient Clinic - Ted Braun

Pain Management (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Pain Management (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Pancreas Transplant - Kim Irwin
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine - Elaine Schmidt
Patient Privacy & Compliance issues (Medical Center, UCLA) - Roxanne Moster
Pediatrics - Amy Albin
Pediatrics in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Pediatric (ENT) - Amy Albin/Elaine Schmidt
Pediatric Surgery - Amy Albin
Pediatric Medical Home - Amy Albin
Pediatric Neurosurgery - Amy Albin
Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat) - Amy Albin
Pediatric Surgery - Amy Albin
People Animal Connection (PAC) - Amy Albin
Pet Therapy - Amy Albin
Pharmacology - Elaine Schmidt
Pharmacy - Elaine Schmidt
Physical Therapy - Enrique Rivero
Physiology - Elaine Schmidt
Plastic/Reconstructive surgery (adult & pediatric) - Amy Albin
Platelet Donation - Elaine Schmidt
Podiatry - Rachel Champeau
Position Emission Tomagraphy Scanner (PET) - Elaine Schmidt
Postpartum Depression - Mark Wheeler
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Pre-Hospital Care - Rachel Champeau
Prescription Drugs - Mark Wheeler
Primary Care Network - Ted Braun
Psychiatry - Mark Wheeler
Pysiology (Dept of) - Elaine
Pychoneuroimmunology (Cousins Center of) - Mark Wheeler
Public Health - Mark Wheeler
Public Records Act Requests/FOIA Requests - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
Pulmonary Medicine (adult) - Rachel Champeau
Pulmonary Medicine (pediatric) - Amy Albin

Radiation Oncology - Kim Irwin/Shaun Mason
Radiological Sciences - Elaine Schmidt
Radiology - Elaine Schmidt
Rape Treatment - Ted Braun
Reconstructive Surgery - Amy Albin
Reconstructive Surgery in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Reagan UCLA Medical Center (See Medical Center, UCLA) - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
Regental Issues (Medical Center) - Date Tate
Research Center on Managed Care for Psychiatry Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA - Mark Wheeler
Respiratory Conditions - Rachel Champeau
Revlon, UCLA Breast Cancer - Shaun Mason
Revlon, UCLA Women's Cancer Research Program - Shaun Mason
Rheumatology - Rachel Champeau
Risk Management issues - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
Ronald Reagan, UCLA Medical Center - Roxanne Moster/ Dale Tate
Robotic Surgery - Rachel Champeau

Santa Monica (UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica) - Ted Braun
Santa Monica Campus Projects, and Initiatives - Ted Braun
Schizophrenia - Mark Wheeler
School of Dentistry - Brianna Deane
School of Medicine
  Administration - Dale Tate 
  Auto Islet Transplant - Enrique Rivero
  Community Outreach - Elaine Schmidt
  Curriculum - Elaine Schmidt
  Fund raising - Roxanne Moster
  Government Affairs - Dale Tate
  Human resources - Roxanne Moster
  Legal Affairs - Dale Tate/Roxanne Moster
  Student Affairs - Elaine Schmidt
School of Nursing - Laura Perry
School of Public Health - Mark Wheeler
Seizure Disorders - Mark Wheeler
Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior - Mark Wheeler
Sexual Health (male) - Kim Irwin
Sexuality & Behavior - Mark Wheeler
Simms/Mann - UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology - Shaun Mason 
Sinus Disorders - Elaine Schmidt
Sleep Apnea (biology) - Elaine Schmidt
Sleep Disorders Center - Mark Wheeler
Sleep Research - Mark Wheeler
Social Workers - Amy Albin
Speech Disorders (pathology) - Elaine Schmidt
Spine Center in Santa Monica Hospital - Simi Singer
Spiritual Care - Amy Albin
Sports Medicine - Susan Singer/Enrique Rivero
Strategic Planning - Dale Tate
Stem Cell Tranplant - Kim Irwin
Stroke - Mark Wheeler
Student Affairs (School of Medicine, UCLA) - Elaine Schmidt
Study of Opiod Receptors & Drugs Abuse (center for) - Mark Wheeler
Substance Abuse - Mark Wheeler
    Auto Islet Transplant - Enrique Rivero
    Bariatric - Rachel Champeau
    Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant - Kim Irwin
    Cardiothoracic Surgery - Amy
    Cosmetic - Amy Albin
    Craniofacial - Amy Albin Endocrine (Thyroid) - Rachel Champeau
    General (Appendix, Colon, etc) - Rachel Champeau
    Head & Neck - Elaine Schmidt
    Heart Transplant - Amy Albin
    Intestinal Transplant - Kim Irwin
    Image-Guided - Elaine Schmidt
    Kidney Transplantation - Enrique Rivero
    Liver Transplantation - Kim Irwin
    Lung Transplantation - Amy Albin
    Neurosurgery (pediatric) - Amy Albin
    Neurosurgery - Elaine Schmidt
    Oncology - Kim Irwin
    Orthopedic Surgery (adult) - Simi Singer
    Orthopedic Surgery (pediatric) - Amy Albin
    Pancreas Transplant - Kim Irwin
    Pediatric - Amy Albin
    Plastic/Reconstructive - Amy Albin
    Robotic - Rachel Champeau
    Thyroid - Rachel Champeau
    Trauma - Rachel Champeau
    Vascular - Rachel Champeau
Thyroid Conditions - Enrique Rivero
Thyroid Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Trauma & Mental Health Disparities - Mark Wheeler
Trauma surgery - Rachel Champeau
Traumatic Stress - Mark Wheeler
Treatment & Rehabilitations of Psychosis (center for research) - Mark Wheeler
UCLA Blood & Platelet Center - Elaine Schmidt
UCLA Blum Center on Poverty and Health in Latin America - Enrique Rivero
UCLA Breast Center in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
UCLA Daltrey/Townshend Teen Cancer Program - Simi Singer/Roxanne Moster
UCLA Health - Roxanne Moster/Dale Tate
UCLA Healthcare (Physician Network) - Ted Braun/Simi Singer
UCLA Medical Network (satellite facilities) - Ted Braun
UCLA Spine Center in Santa Monica - Simi Singer
Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program - Enrique Rivero/Roxanne Moster
Urology (adult) - Kim Irwin
Urology (pediatric) - Amy Albin
Urology Oncology - Shaun Mason

Varicose Veins - Rachel Champeau
Vascular Surgery - Rachel Champeau
Vision - Elaine Schmidt
Voice Disorders - Elaine Schmidt
Volunteer Services - Amy Albin
Volunteer & Care Extender Programs in Santa Monica - Simi Singer


Weekly Media Report - Enrique Rivero
Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA Venice Dental center - Brianna Deane
Wireless Health Institute - Enrique Rivero 
Women's health Institute (Iris Cantor UCLA Center) - Kim Irwin