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Patient Liaisons

What We Do

UCLA Health Patient LiaisonsPatient Liaisons at UCLA Health are available to assist patients and their family with any non-medical question or concern. They assist patients and their family members with various concerns that relate to their overall experience at UCLA. Such issues may include, but are not limited to, quality of care, staff interactions, access to care and general assistance and information. All interactions between patients, or their representative, and our Patient Liaisons are kept confidential.

Our Goal

To ensure the patient experience within UCLA Health is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

How We Accomplish Our Goal

  1. Being proactive in assisting the patient and their family with their needs to the best of our ability while visiting UCLA Health
  2. Being visibly available during your stay
  3. Facilitate communication between patients, their family, and their care providers
  4. Provide patients, their family, and staff with essential education such as:
    1. California Advance Health Care Directive
    2. Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Virgie Mosley

Virgie Mosley
UCLA Health



Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center
Phone: (310) 267-9113
UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
Phone: (424) 259-9120
Carl Avecilla Carl Avecilla
Patient Liaison
7 years of service
Eduardo Arambula Eduardo Arambula
Patient Liaison
23 years of service
Christopher Fonseca Christopher Fonseca
Administrative Assistant
4 years of service
Anna Parker, R.N Anna Parker, R.N.
Senior Patient Liaison
2 years of service
Deborah Rossignol, R.N. Deborah Rossignol, R.N.
Senior Patient Liaison
3 years of service
Primo Roxas, Jr. Primo Roxas, Jr.
Patient Liaison
7 years of service
Mary Sanchez-Bonilla Mary Sanchez-Bonilla
Patient Liaison
6 years of service