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Volunteer Opportunities

Santa Monica Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome Ambassador (Information Desk)

Information Desk VolunteerTrained volunteers assist customers by phone and in person. Volunteers use electronic medical records to retrieve current inpatient desk and update information provided at the information desk. Volunteers must be friendly, computer literate, dependable, patient and able to come in on time on scheduled days. Shifts are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 12pm and 12pm to 4pm.

Patient Escort

This is a patient related position. Volunteers escort patients via wheelchair and will complete patient escort call slips and be able to listen and comprehend both patients and supervisor. Volunteers must be friendly, dependable, patient and able to come in on time on scheduled days.  All volunteers aged 15-17 must complete a minimum of 100 hours before being considered for another position.

Surgical Waiting Area

Volunteers acts as a liaison between families of surgery patients and the nurses in the Procedure Treatment Unit. This is an interpersonally challenging position for volunteers in the hospital. Volunteers answer phone calls and keep track of patient's surgery schedules. Volunteers must be friendly, people oriented, computer literate, dependable, patient and able to come in on time on scheduled days.  Shifts are Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 8am, 8am to 12pm, 12pm to 4pm and 4pm to 8pm. 

Volunteers Floater

Under the Volunteer Services' supervision and direction, floaters will be given the opportunity to contribute in a wide array of duties and responsibilities, which include administrative, clerical and patient care. Floaters are a unique group of volunteers. They are dedicated, flexible, computer literate and ready to face any challenge.  Shifts are Monday through Friday during business hours.

 Palliative Care

Volunteers visit our palliative care patients throughout the hospital. Volunteers may engage in dialogue, play games, chat with family members, resolve any issues with the nursing staff and document visits for the palliative care team. Volunteers must be friendly, mature, able to communicate with wide groups of people and interact with patients who are very ill. Shifts are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm.

Geriatric Unit

Geriatric unit volunteers visit patients in their rooms and provide companionship for those patients who would like company. Volunteers read to the patients, play games and feed the patients. Volunteers may also be asked to pick up meal trays, distribute warm blankets, answer phone calls, make copies and greet visitors arriving to the unit. Any issues are brought to the attention of the charge nurse. Shifts are four hours per week with flexible hours during business hours, evenings and weekends. 

Gift Shop

Volunteers must be able to handle cash, clean displays, unpack stock, take inventory, greet customers and provide a friendly shopping experience to the customers. Four hour shifts are Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm and 1pm to 5pm.