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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take appointments?
We don't take appointments, but you may walk in at any time and request to be seen by a doctor. We don't expect the waiting time to be very long.

2. What insurance do you accept?
We accept most insurance. For HMO patients, please check with your insurance carrier to find out if we are contracted with your provider or if you are not sure about your plan. 

3. Do you accept other forms of payment?
We accept cash, checks and credit in the form of Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Also ATM/Debit cards.

4. I am a patient of Bay Area Community Medical Group (or SMBP); may I be seen by you?
During the day we will ask you to be seen by your primary medical doctor (PMD). If your PMD is not available, or it is after normal working hours, we will see you and report our findings to your personal physician. However, you may be responsible for charges incurred at your visit.

5. Can I call you for advice about my illness?
To treat you properly, we would need to examine you in order to advise you on your illness.

6. You're closed, what should I do?
Sorry we're not open! Please call your personal physician for advice when we aren't open. If you have a true medical emergency please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

7. Do you do refills over the phone?
We may in certain circumstances, but only if we have seen you recently and it is recorded in the medical chart. Otherwise you will have to return to Playa Marina Urgent Care or consult your personal physician for a refill.

8. What should I bring?
If you have filled out your pre-registration form, have that handy. If not, bring your insurance card and any other medical information (medications, old EKG's, radiology reports) that may be helpful to the medical assistant and physician on duty. If you don't carry a list of your current medications simply bring along all of the bottles and containers. This information will be very helpful to the doctors.

9. How do you maintain patient privacy?
We adhere to HIPAA Guidelines, which is a federal law that very carefully protects your private healthcare information. It is our every intention to keep your personal information private. It is our custom to forward information and lab results from your visit to your personal physician to assist them in your care. If there some reason you don't want your record sent to your personal physician please let us know.

10. Cell Phone Policy?
In respect to the staff and the patients around you, we ask you to please turn off your cell phones or talk outside if absolutely necessary.