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FAQ Concerning Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Volunteers

I know someone who would like to volunteer in our department.  How do I get her/him processed as a volunteer?

Individuals may enter through our Pre-Assigned program as long as they can commit to one month or longer and pass all volunteer requirements.  Please refer to our Pre-Assigned program  for information on how these volunteers are processed.

How long does it take to process a volunteer?

The amount of time it takes to process a volunteer depends on how quickly the individual can complete required immunizations and documentation.  Direct Referral sessions are held twice-weekly, however, all documentation and paperwork must be completed prior to attending a Pre-Assigned session. 

Does the Volunteer Office process international volunteers?

It depends - please check our International Volunteers website to find out specific requirements for international volunteers.  For further information, please call Lisa Harden at (310) 267-8182.

Does the Volunteer Office provide parking for volunteers?

The only parking Volunteer Services provides is for long-term non-student volunteers.  Pre-assigned volunteers are not eligible for parking due to budgetary constraints.

Are volunteers required to sign in their hours worked?

Yes, all volunteers receive instructions on how to sign in and out, and are required to do so at each shift.

My volunteer needs Mednet access.  Will Volunteer Services set this up?

No, Volunteer Services does not request Mednet access for volunteers.  This must be processed through individuals departments.

Are volunteers required to wear a uniform? 

All volunteers working at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica are required to wear uniforms.  The only exception is in laboratories located in CHS, or other campus sites.

Are volunteers allowed to travel off-site for volunteer-related activities? 

No, volunteers are only allowed on the UCLA campus.


If you still need additional questions answered, please call the Volunteer Office at (310) 267-8180 for Ronald Reagan and (424) 259-8176 for Santa Monica.