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 Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Leave of Absence policy?

Yes, our Leave of Absence Policy allows for a maximum 90 day leave regardless of the reason.  Volunteers with no service hours after 90 days will be de-activated from the program and instructed to re-apply.

Are volunteers allowed to switch departments?

Yes, volunteers may switch departments after working their required 100 hours in their initial department.  If you wish to switch departments, please schedule an appointment with one of our coordinators by calling our office at (310) 267-8180.

Do I need to update my TB test annually?

Yes, volunteers need to update their TB skin test annually.  You should receive a notice via e-mail reminding you to do this prior to due date.  Please note - you will only need one TB skin test if it is your annual (meaning you have already served a year).  Failure to update your TB test may result in termination to the program as this is a hospital policy.

Who do I call if I am sick on the day that I am supposed to volunteer?

Please stay home if you have any illness, or flu-like symptoms, as it may jeopardize the health of our patients and staff.  Volunteers should call their direct supervisor, Not the Volunteer Office.

Can volunteers request a letter of recommendation from their supervisor?

Volunteers may request a letter of recommendation from their direct supervisor after completing 100 hours of volunteer service.  Letters of recommendation are at the discretion of the supervisor/manager, and may not necessarily be granted. 

For volunteer service hours verification, please refer to our website.

 Do I need to sign in with my department, as well as the Volunteer Office?

Yes, it is imperative that all volunteers sign in with the Volunteer Department.  Your individual department may also have sign-in procedures as well.  Please adhere to both the Volunteer Office guidelines, as well as your individual department when it comes to signing in your hours.

If you still need additional questions answered, please call the Volunteer Office at (310) 267-8180.