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Patient Coordination

UCLA Health International Patient Services is pleased to offer unique services to our international patients to ensure they can easily access healthcare in the United States. Some of these services are outlined below.

International Patient Coordination

We understand the difficulties of managing your healthcare in a foreign setting. For that reason, UCLA Health provides a special service for every international patient: a personal International Patient Coordinator.

The coordinator is a UCLA representative and can help you access all of the special services you would expect from a world-class medical center.

A coordinator serves as the first point of contact in arranging your referral. Your coordinator is based in the UCLA Health International Office and will guide you through the process of becoming a patient.

Throughout your care, the coordinator is interested in knowing how we can assist you with any special needs or requests. A coordinator also makes sure that physicians and nurses respond to any medical coordination needs or concerns that you express.

Medical Coordination

Our medical coordination starts with the following:

  • Matching your medical needs and provider requests with the most appropriate physician
  • Arranging routine to specialty appointments
  • Scheduling of comprehensive physicals
  • Organizing medical record reviews
  • Managing physician referrals through your doctor
  • Medical coordination is conducted before making financial arrangements 

Health Check-Up

UCLA Health International Patient Services can coordinate all your preventative health needs. From diagnostic care to consultations with our world-class physicians, our team is ready to provide you with a seamless experience. Click on 'Become a Patient' to get started today.

Financial Arrangements

The coordinator will facilitate all financial arrangements by:

  • Reviewing whether or not your insurance is accepted at UCLA
  • Helping you understand your insurance benefits if UCLA accepts your insurance
  • Supplying you with billing information so that you can request reimbursement from your insurance company if UCLA cannot accept your insurance

If you do not have an acceptable form of insurance, the coordinator will provide a comprehensive estimate of UCLA charges so that you know what to expect financially. The coordinator communicates with UCLA associates to provide this information and to answer all questions so that every financial matter with UCLA is coordinated throughout your stay.

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