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Interpreter Training Program

Interpreter Program (Non-UCLA Employees)

The Interpreter Training Program is designed to provide multilingual individuals with the means to develop adequate skills to be able to interpret between healthcare providers and patients. This program provides the means to bridge the communication gap and provides students the opportunity to have direct interaction with patients and physicians. For more information please contact our office at (310)-267-8001 or send an email to interpreters@mednet.ucla.edu

EVIP - Employee Volunteer Interpreter Program

The purpose of the Employee Volunteer Interpreter Program (EVIP) is to provide multilingual UCLA employees with the means to develop adequate skills to be able to interpret between healthcare providers and patients. In doing so, the UCLA healthcare system is better suited to provide Limited English Patients with the highest level of communication. For more information, please contact our office at (310) 267-8001 or send an email to interpreters@mednet.ucla.edu

The upcoming Spanish Interpreter Training Program and EVIP course will begin Wednesday, February 4, 2015. The deadline to apply is Monday, February 2, 2015. To apply, please complete, sign, and send the online application by fax (310.267.3907) or e-mail to: interpreters@mednet.ucla.edu. Any questions and concerns can also be directed to Interpreter Services at interpreters@mednet.ucla.edu. Please note that space is limited.

Application Information: 


Here is the program outline:

Course Outline
Week One Introduction to the Employee Volunteer Interpreter Program
Week Two Medical Interpreting 101
Standards of Practice and Ethics
Week Three Responsibilities as Message Converter
Modes of Interpreting
Medical Terminology Series: Part One
Week Four Responsibilities as Message Clarifier
Challenges to Interpreting
Medical Terminology Series: Part Two
Week Five Responsibilities as Patient Advocate
Medical Terminology Series: Part Three
Week Six Assessment Test
Week Seven Responsibilities as Cultural Clarifier
Latino Cultural Values and Beliefs
Medical Terminology Series: Part Four
Interpreter Shadowing: To be conducted throughout Weeks 2 to 10 (Schedules to be announced at a later date.)
Week Eight Situational Role Play
Week Nine Situational Role Play
Week Ten Interpreter Services Department Mixer
Professional Medical Interpreter Panel
Guest Speaker
Week Eleven

Review of course curriculum
Preparation for Final Exam              Final Exam(Oral)

Week Twelve Final Exam (Written)

 What our graduates say about the program

"This is a very good opportunity, I'm very happy I took advantage of it."-GP

 "After taking the EVIP class I feel a lot more confident interpreting and translating as well. Thank you so much for the great opportunity and for taking the time to help all of us in our professional development."-GH 

 "I definitely benefited from the course. I feel more confident and also my medical vocabulary is richer. I am so glad and feel very lucky to have been picked to be part of this course. A definite personal gain."-IY 

"EVIP covered all important topics that will make a difference to any qualified interpreter - from false cognates to challenges in settings, from ethics to differences within Latino cultures and especially laws regarding the requirements for interpreters in certain settings."-KP

"....It was a great experience to be able to learn from a group of well-prepared professional interpreters.  I now feel more comfortable and open to help people as an interpreter by being a huge help where I could be needed.  The world where selflessness is practiced is wonderful, and I feel your team shared that with all of us...I enjoyed being a part of the training...and to actively participate as an interpreter..."


Volunteer Program

If you would like to become a volunteer interpreter at UCLA Health please contact volunteer services at (310) 267-8180 or visit volunteer services at http://www.uclahealth.org/volunteer