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Tuberculosis Co-Infection Studies

Some people are infected with the bacteria that cause Tuberculosis (TB), but their immune systems (the system in a person's body that helps fight infections) prevent the bacteria from multiplying and they do not have any symptoms from the infection. These people are said to have latent TB infection.  Latent TB can develop into active disease and cause sickness, especially in people with weakened immune systems, such as people with HIV.

The UCLA CARE Center has a study enrolling that compares treatment programs for latent TB:

ACTG 5279

Study for HIV positive men and women who have had reactivity on a TB test and have not received treatment for TB in the last 2 years.  This study examines if shorter-treatment (4 weeks) for TB works just as well as a 6-9 month treatment. 

For more information about the UCLA CARE Center's clinical trials and research studies, please contact:
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