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Studies for Women

As an HIV positive woman, you have unique health care needs.

Are you an HIV positive woman?  Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant?

We have an international study available to see if it is better for a mother's health in the future if she stops HIV medications after delivery (what is usually done now) or continues the medications indefinitely.  Some studies in non-pregnant people have shown that it is better to continue the drugs once started rather than stopping, but people in these studies often had much lower CD4+ cell counts (counts of cells that fight HIV) and had been on treatment longer than you have been during pregnancy. Some other studies have not shown that continuing HAART is better than stopping it.

New Mothers (PROMISE):  Study for HIV+ women who have recently given birth. Designed to help keep mothers healthy after receiving HIV treatment and to prevent their babies from being infected with HIV.

For more information about the UCLA CARE Center's clinical trials and research studies, please contact:
Phone:  (310) 557-9062
Email:  CAREOutreach@mednet.ucla.edu