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Our Directors

A Message from our Directors

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the new web site for the UCLA CARE Center.   We hope you enjoy viewing these pages and that you find this information useful in learning who we are and what we do.  The UCLA CARE Center formally celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011 as a clinic and clinical research unit dedicated to improving the care and treatment of individuals with HIV infection.

Since 1981, when the first cases of AIDS were described here, physicians and researchers at UCLA have been devoted to discovering how HIV works and to developing and testing new treatments for this infection.  Over the years we have helped to establish the use of all of the currently available drugs for HIV, and we have worked diligently to elucidate the mechanisms by which HIV causes disease and to explore ways to prevent and treat many of the complications of AIDS and the side effects of therapies.  The CARE Center has been at the forefront in the fight against AIDS by evaluating new treatments, training generations of doctors and other health providers to care for individuals with HIV, and by disseminating information about HIV to individuals, communities and officials both locally, nationally and internationally.  Our doctors are recognized as among the best, most knowledgeable and caring HIV providers in the country, and our researchers present their work at meetings around the world.

Our research focus ranges from trials of antiretroviral drugs to new treatments and prevention approaches for various AIDS-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, neurologic disorders, hepatitis and other infectious diseases.  We have been pioneers in exploring new approaches such as immune and gene therapies, vaccines, new antibiotics for hepatitis and new biomedical prevention approaches for HIV such as microbicides and pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis.  Most of all, we have provided care for thousands of individuals with HIV in Los Angeles, providing treatments, comfort and hope to those in need of our services.  We wish to continue and extend our work here at the CARE Center, and with your help and assistance, we will continue to do so for many years to come.

Ronald Mitsuyasu, MD
Director, UCLA CARE Center
Judith Currier, MD, MSc
Associate Director, UCLA CARE Center