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Meet Redford — People Animal Connection Volunteer

Redford - UCLA PAC Volunteer  

Breed: Australian Labradoodle


Human Partner:
Angelina Speare

PAC Starting Date: June 2011

Favorite Toy:
My stuffed Hedgehog

Favorite Activity: Chasing and fetching my Hedgehog when my Dad throws it

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Greatest Accomplishment: I go to an agility class every Friday and can memorize each new course with tunnels, tables, weave poles, jumps and a teeter-totter and run it in a flash with my Dad (all for a piece of cheese….).

Hospitals Visited: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Areas Served: ER, Gonda Observation, 6ICU

Interesting Fact:  Redford was voted “Most Handsome Dog” at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair last year but has not let this honor go to his head!