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Meet Ernie — People Animal Connection Volunteer

Erin - UCLA PAC Volunteer  

Breed: Shih-tzu


Human Partner:
Victoria Lam

PAC Starting Date: June 2010

Favorite Toy: Braided Monkey

Favorite Activity: Sitting on the laps of my many girlfriends

Favorite Treat: Duck treats shaped like gingerbread men

Greatest Accomplishment: Transitioning from the mean streets of MacArthur Park to the beds of the well-tended at the UCLA hospital.

Hospitals Visited: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Areas Served: Cardiac Care Unit, Peds-ICU

Interesting Fact: Ernie’s tongue permanently hangs out because he has no bottom front teeth! When his human partner, Victoria, rescued him from the streets, he had to have surgery because his gums were infected and his teeth were dead.