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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for medical record copies?

UCLA will provide the first 10 pages at no charge. 
There is a .25¢ per page copying fee for additional pages. 

We will send you an invoice by mail to let you know the total charge for providing copies of your medical record.

May I request my medical records on CD?

Yes, we can provide certain documents on CD.  The CD is a $1.50 flat fee, $4.00 per every quarter hour (15 minutes) plus postage.  At this time, we are not equipped to place the entire medical record on CD.

Do you accept checks?

Yes, we accept personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders.  The check should be payable to UC Regents.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit card payment is only available for transactions made in person at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

How long does it take to fulfill my request?

Within 15 calendar days of receipt of request, you will receive an invoice or your processed request.  Once payment is received, your order will be processed.

Will you fax the copies to my home or business?

Due to confidentiality reasons we cannot fax medical record copies.

Will you email my medical record?

Yes, we can provide your medical record copies via an encrypted email for your protection. The email fee is $4.00 per every quarter hour (15 minutes). At this time, we are not equipped to email the entire medical record.

Will I be able to pick up my medical record copies?

Yes, after we have received payment and after you have been notified that the copies are available you may pick up your medical record copies during business hours.  For your protection, we will require picture identification before releasing your medical record copies.

Prior to completing a form, may I walk in to pick up medical record copies? 

Yes.  If the copies are available online, we can provide up to 10 pages.

May my spouse request and receive copies of my medical records?

To protect your privacy, another person may not receive copies of your record without a written consent that authorizes the Medical Center to provide the copies to him or her.

How may I obtain a copy of my x-ray films?

Contact the Film Library Department at (310) 825-6425

How may I obtain a copy of my billing records?

Contact the Patient Billing Department at (310) 825-8021