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Research Opportunities & Mentor Selection

Starting with the second year of training fellows devote most of their time to research.

The Division offers many excellent opportunities for both clinical and basic/translational research. There are NIH-supported training grant funds available to support fellows interested in HIV prevention and chronic viral infection pathogenesis (e.g. HIV, viral hepatitis). Additionally, all fellows and applicants interested in pursuing advanced degrees (Masters in Clinical Research or PhD) or post-doctoral training are urged to apply concurrently to the UCLA STAR Program. Trainees accepted into the STAR Program and/or one of the NIH-supported training grants may potentially select research mentors from outside the Division in many departments in biomedical fields or even at CalTech. Please see the STAR Program website or contact us for more information.

It is recommended that all applicants identify potential mentors in their research area of interest prior to interviewing. Accepted first year fellows must identify a primary mentor and research area of interest.


 Clinical Research

 Basic/Translational Science


Hospital Epidemiology/Antimicrobial Stewardship

Immunosuppressed Hosts/ Transplantation

HIV Prevention

HIV Epidemiology/Global Health

HIV Treatment

Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

Viral Hepatitis

Mycobacterial Vaccine Development

Transplantation Immunology

Viral Hepatitis

HIV Pathogenesis/Vaccine Development

Other Basic Science Researchers