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As one of the largest academic medical universities in the country, UCLA sponsors many exceptional training programs including our family medicine residency program which consists of 36 residents.


The UCLA Department of Family Medicine Research Program has one of the most active family medicine research groups in the country committed to improving the quality of primary care and promoting health in partnership with ethnically diverse communities.

San Fernando Valley Summer Fellowship in Community Medicine

Glenn A. Lopez, MD, MPH

The San Fernando Valley Summer Fellowship in Community Medicine is presently accepting applications for one available summer fellowship for the period of June 9 – July 31, 2014. During the eight-week program, the fellow will participate in both of the programs described below. The first, OnSite Health Solutions, is a novel private practice specializing in mobile community-based treatment of chronic diseases for underserved populations. The second, Walking in Community, is a nonprofit organization that is promoting the establishment of community-based walking groups in 10 communities throughout the San Fernando Valley where OnSite Health Solutions is presently providing mobile health services. Together they comprise the San Fernando Valley Chronic Disease Prevention and Early Treatment Program which is being supported by the City of L.A., the County of L.A., Providence Healthcare hospitals, and the Health Net Foundation. The fellow will participate in both programs, combining individual and group medical treatment through the mobile clinic with community and preventive medicine interventions, and will be assisted by Dr. Lopez in finding an aspect of either program to focus on and present findings during the Josiah Brown Research Fair poster session required of all summer fellowship students at the end of the 8-week session.

  • ONSITE (COMMUNITY-BASED) HEALTH SOLUTIONS. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, are highly prevalent among underserved populations. In Latino neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, there is an average of 15 adults with diabetes per block, of which only 5 are presently being treated. Screening and early treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes prevents or slows the development of the complications associated with these conditions. Mobile group medical appointments is a cost-effective model of medical care which is presently being expanded from 10 neighborhoods to reach our target goal of 20 neighborhoods throughout the SFV. This mode of care combines community-centered medical treatment, group support, and health education to address the chronic disease needs of low-income underserved populations.
  • WALKING IN COMMUNITY. Walking groups can potentially address the exercise and weight reduction needs of a large percentage of the general population. Presently less than one-quarter of adults in California walk regularly, yet walking in groups is healthy (builds aerobic fitness, reduces risks of falls and fractures, relieves depression and stress, and decreases chronic diseases and their complications), is economical (increases property values, brings business to local stores, is inexpensive), is social (contributes to a sense of community, establishes independence for older adults, provides social support for continued walking), is good for the environment (reduces traffic congestion, noise and air pollution), and is safe (reduces opportunities for crime, fosters community interaction). The mission of Walking in Community – Caminando en Comunidad is to increase the health, safety, and level of unity/social integration in Los Angeles County and beyond by motivating participation in neighborhood-based walking groups.

You can view a general description of OnSite Health Solutions services, benefits, photographs and a “bio” of Dr. Lopez at the OnSite Health Solutions website. A brief but informative video on the Mobile Clinic / Support Group for Chronic Diseases can be found on the ABC Channel 7 News website. To see a news clip regarding the related Neighborhood Walking Groups, please visit Walking in Community website and click on the Fox11 or Univision logos on the home page.