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Preferences and Department Meetings/Training


Department assignments have been completed. Click below to find out what department you have been assigned to and also check for information about department meetings and training sessions which will take place November 2nd. The Fall rotation begins November 3rd.

Fall 2014 Preferences: click here to download file

If you have any questions about preferences or did not sign up for a department, please email MelanieDeLaCruz@mednet.ucla.edu.

Department Meetings:

CCL 10-11am SMH CR 1 
CCU 3/4pm SMH CR 1 
ER-A 11am-noon SMH CR 2 
ER-B 11am-noon SMH CR 1 
Geriatrics 3-4pm SMH CR 3 
LD 9-10am SMH CR 2 
LKC 10-11am SMH CR 2 
Med Surg 3-4pm SMH Boardroom
NICU 2-3pm SMH Boardroom 
Oncology 3-4pm SMH 2nd floor, L&D Lobby 
OR Escort 3-4pm SMH 3rd floor- 3500, Surgical Waiting Area
Orthopaedics 3-4pm SMH CR 2 
Pediatrics 12-2pm SMH Boardroom 
Postpartum 2-3pm SMH CR 1 
Radiology  9-10am SMH CR 1 
Surgery Center 2-3pm SMH CR 2 
5 East 3-4pm RRH 3-3102 
6 East 3-4pm RRH 6-6234 
7 East 3-4pm RRH 8-8234 
7 ICU 9-10am RRH B 124 A&B
7 W-CTU 3-4pm RRH B120 
8 East  4-5pm RRH B120 
8 ICU 10-11am RRH B 124 A&B
8 North 3-4pm RRH 7-7234
8 West 4-5pm RRH 3-3102 
ER 12-1pm RRH B 124 A&B
GONDA 4-5pm RRH 6-6234
MICU 11am-noon RRH B 124 A&B
Pediatrics 1-2pm RRH B 124 A&B
PICU 1-2pm RRH B 124 A&B