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Patient Liaison Volunteer

UCLA Patient Liaison VolunteerWhat We Do

Patient Liaison Volunteers at UCLA Health are valued members of our team. They help us round in a number of areas on both campuses, aiding and listening to our patients and their families, so that we can be more in tune with their needs.  

Why Volunteer?

“Every Thursday morning when I volunteer I know that I will meet at least one patient who will either touch my heart, make me smile or give me something to reflect upon. It is such a privilege for me to listen to a patient's story (I found out that everybody has one) and interact with people from so many cultures and walks of life.  Behind one door there could be a homeless man and behind the next one the CEO of a big corporation. When I can answer a question, solve a problem or just make a patient feel less lonely, I know that I have been helpful. Volunteering has been the most rewarding experiences of my life.” – Gisele B.

UCLA Patient Liaisons“This position gives me a sense of being useful, and it is especially rewarding to listen to patients and pacify them.  It affects me when I see all these very sick people, and in my mind, my own health problems become very minor in comparison.” – Soussan G.

“When I walk into a room with a smile on my face and a cheerful sounding greeting, I can immediately tell that the patient who may have been feeling morally low is immediately up lifted.  I like to listen to their problems hoping that I can somehow ease their anguish, perhaps solve their problem and in short make them feel better for the time we spent.” – Marianne K.

Our Volunteers

Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center

  • Vita A.
  • Arthur B.
  • Carol B.
  • Gisele B.
  • Gail C.
  • Peter E.
  • Bethnany F.
  • Elinor G.
  • Arthur H.
  • Diane M.
  • Larry M.
  • Sandra S.
  • Nancee W.
  • Scott Y.

UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

  • Carol E.
  • Harriet F.
  • Soussan G.
  • Marianne K.
  • Marilyn K.
  • Suzanne K.
  • Cassie R.
  • Christina R.


If you would like to be a patient liaison volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Services page.