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UCLA Pediatric Cardiology


Cardiovascular Genetics Program

The Pediatric Marfan Clinic offers evaluation of patients suspected of having Marfan Syndrome or similar connective tissue diseases.  The clinic also offers continuity treatment for those diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. Patients are evaluated by a genetics team with clinical geneticists and genetic counselors, and by a pediatric cardiologist. Referrals for orthopedic and ophthalmologic evaluation are made when appropriate. 

A pediatric cardiologist  provides medical treatment for ongoing cardiac issues.  Review of all affected organ systems is made at each visit. The pediatric cardiothoracic surgery department at UCLA offers specialized intervention for those patients requiring surgical intervention.

Further information about Marfan Syndrome including diagnosis and treatment and recommendations can be found at the National Marfan Foundation.

Medical Director

Greg Perens, MD