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Adolescent Transitional Cardiology Care Program

Adolescent Transitional Cardiology Care Program: UCLA Division of Pediatric Cardiology.The Adolescent/Young Adult Transitional Care Program, for Congenital Heart Disease, is the combined efforts of the Division of Pediatric Cardiology and the Ahmanson/UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center.  Dr. Leigh Reardon and Mary M. Canobbio RN, MN are the program coordinators.  The purpose of the program is to prepare teens, young adults and their parents to move from pediatric to adult-based health care.

The program provides comprehensive treatment of adolescents with congenital heart disease, ages 15 to 20.  Services provided include clinical assessment of the adolescent's self-management skills, the development of an individualized transitional plan of care.  We also provide patient and parent education sessions and counseling.  Additionally a number of non-cardiac services have been added such as adolescent gynecologic services which will include contraceptive counseling.

For information and referrals, contact Mary Canobbio, RN, MN by email or call (310) 825-3091.


Leigh Reardon, MD

UCLA Health Vital Sign Spring 2014 Newsletter.

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare

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