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Participating Faculty




Research Interest  

Devaskar, Sherin M.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Neonatology 

Perinatal Metabolism and Impact on Neurological Development

Gomperts, Brigitte M.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology Role of Adult Stem Cells in Repair and Regeneration of the Lungs
Martin, Martin M.D., M.P.P. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Gastroenterology  Molecular Basis of a Variety of Novel and Established Congenital Malabsorptive Diarrheal Disorders 
Adams, John M.D. Orthopedic Surgery  Biology of Nucleic Acid Binding Proteins 
Anton, Peter M.D. Medicine-Gastroenterology HIV, Mucosal Immunology, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Mucosal Vaccines
Banerjee, Utpal Ph.D. Biology  Molecular Genetics of Metabolism and Development 
Braun, Jonathan M.D. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Mucosal Immunology, Immunologic Imaging, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
Bryson, Yvonne M.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases HIV and Perinatal Transmission and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Byrne, James Ph.D. Molecular & Medical Pharmacology  Reprogramming Beginning with Cells from Animals and Ultimately in Humans 
Carpenter, Ellen Ph.D.  Neuropsychiatric Institute  Expression and Activity of Components of the Reelin Signaling Pathway  
Chaudhuri, Gautam M.D., Ph.D.   Obstetrics & Gynecology   Signaling Mechanisms of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells Following Exposure to Tnfá 
Chesselet, Marie-Francoise M.D., Ph.D. Neurology Analysis of Genetic Mouse Models of Parkinson's Disease (Pd) and Huntington's Disease (Hd) 
Christofk, Heather Ph.D. Molecular & Medical Pharmacology   Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Diseases  
Crooks, Gay M.D. Pathology & Laboratory Medicine and  Pediatrics  Human Hematopoiesis Stem Cells 
Denny, Christopher M.D.  Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology  Testing Tumor Targeting Strategies Using Nanoparticles in Pediatric Oncology 
De Vellis, Jean Ph.D. Neuropsychiatric Institute   Regulation of Development and Regeneration of Brain Cells 
Dubinett, Steven M.D. Medicine, Medicine-Pulmonary Disease; Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute  Microenvironment, Inflammation and Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in the Pathogenesis of Lung Cancer  
Dunn, James M.D., Ph.D. Surgery-Pediatrics   Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cells and Develops Devices for Intestinal Lengthening 
Ganz, Tom M.D., Ph.D. Medicine   Innate Immunity in Host Defense and Iron Metabolism  
Iruela-Arispe, Luisa  Ph.D. Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology  Vascular Biology/ Angiogenesis  
Kohn, Donald Barry M.D. Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Hematology/Oncology  Gene Therapy Using Hematopoietic Stem Cells   
Kornblum, Harley M.D., Ph.D. Neuropsychiatric Institute  Neural Stem and Progenitor Cell Biology  
Krogstad, Paul M.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Allergy/Immunology   HIV Replication, Pathogenesis and Clinical Management Picornavirus Pathogenesis  
Levi, Daniel M.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Cardiology   Transcatheter Thin Film Nitinol Heart Valves and Stents  
Lin, Shuo Ph.D.  Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology  Hematopoiesis, Organogenesis and Functional Genomics  
Lipshutz, Gerald M.D. Surgery-Liver and Pancreatic Transplant  Develop Effective and Persistent Gene Therapy for Inherited Diseases Affecting the Newborn 
Lusis, Aldons Jake Ph.D.  Medicine-Cardiology, Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics   Analysis of Complex Genetic Diseases  
Mazarati, Andrey M.D., Ph.D. Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Neurology  Mechanisms and Preclinical Therapy Studies of Epilepsy and Epileptogenesis 
Melmed, Shlomo M.B. Ch.B.  Medicine  Molecular Pathogenesis of Pituitary Tumors  
Modlin, Robert M.D. Medicine, Medicine-Dermatology   T-Cell and Cytokine Responses Against Microbial Pathogens  
Nakano, Atsushi M.D. Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology  Cardiogenesis and Stem Cell Biology of the Heart  
Nelson, Stanley M.D. Human Genetics, Neuropsychiatric Institute   Development of Microarray Technology and Analytical Methodology as well as their Application to Human Diseases  
Nsair, Ali M.D. Medicine, Medicine-Cardiology   Cardiovascular Regenerative Therapies in End Stage Heart Disease and Post Myocardial Infarctions 
Pothoulakis, Charalabos M.D. Medicine, Medicine-Gastroenterology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine  Role of Neuropeptides and Hormones in Several Disease States 
Reddy, Srinivasa Ph.D. Medicine-Cardiology, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology   Lipid Mediators of Inflammation and Atherosclerosis  
Ribas, Antoni M.D., Ph.D. Medicine, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology,  Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, Surgery-Oncology  Malignant Melanoma  
Rozengurt, Enrique DVM, Ph.D. Medicine   Signal Transduction Pathways and Growth Regulation 
Sachs, George M.D. Medicine   Membrane Transport Processes, Pump Mechanisms, Epithelial Cell Function, Bacterial Bioenergetics  
Salusky, Isidro M.D.  Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Nephrology   Studies of the Biological Abnormalities of Bone and Mineral Metabolism that Occur in the Context of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) 
Silva, Alcino Ph.D.  Neurobiology, Psychiatry and Psychology, Brain Research Institute  Molecular and cellular studies of learning and memory; developmental neurobiology 
Singh, Ram Raj M.D.  Medicine   Autoimmune Diseases and Immune-Mediated Inflammation  
Smale, Stephen Ph.D. Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics   Gene Regulation Mechanisms Controlling Inflammatory Responses Innate Immune Responses and Lymphocyte Differentiation from Embryonic Stem Cells  
Sun, Yi Ph.D.    Pharmacology, Psychiatry     DNA Methylation  
Teitell, Michael M.D.  Pathology   Cancer Mechanisms and Nanosystems    
Tidball, Jim G. Ph.D.  Integrative Biology & Physiology, Pathology  Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Muscular Dystrophy   
Tontonoz, Peter M.D., Ph.D.   Pathology  Nuclear Hormone Receptor Family in Metabolism and Inflammation   
Vilain, Eric M.D.  Human Genetics, Pediatrics-Molecular Genetics   The Genetics of Early Gonadal Development and the Consequences of its Disruption (Disorders of Sex Development), and the Biology of Sex Differences in the Brain   
Wang, Yibin Ph.D. Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; Anesthesiology  Stress-Signaling in Cardiac Development and Heart Failure, RNA Splicing Regulation in Whole Transcriptome Maturation and the Systems Genetics of Cardiac Development and Diseases  
Witte, Owen N. M.D.   Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics   Growth Regulation; Oncogenes in Leukemias and Cancers; Immune Response; GPCR Regulation of Autoimmunity; Pet Imaging  

Wright, Ernest M. Ph.D., D.Sc.

Physiology   Structure and Function of Cotransporters   
Zack, Jerome M.D. Medicine-Hematology/Oncology; Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics  Pathogenic Processes of HIV-1 Infection