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Core Facilities

KEY CORE FACILITIES (The following lists the most relevant core facilities from the >100 biomedical cores that serve the UCLA campus)
The >100 core facilities provide investigators, trainees, students and staff from the School of Medicine and throughout the Campus access to resources that could be unaffordable or beyond reach. The School of Medicine Dean's Office has made a firm commitment to the success and expansion of these facilities. The full list of these facilities is available on Biosciences at UCLA. Below is a list of key cores that have been and will remain critical to the success of UCLA T32-TRPS trainees.


Core Facility


Biomedical Technology Research and Instruction Production 

Provides biomedical researchers with a state-of-the-art imaging center for analysis, presentation and manipulation of digital scientific data with focus on publication quality output and advanced multimedia content creation and distribution.

Biostatistics Core 

Designed to serve as a centralized facility for biostatistical and biomathematical expertise to enhance research at UCLA.

Biological Chemistry Imaging Facility  

Provides resources for data acquisition and analysis for radioactive, fluorescent, photographic, and microscopic samples as well as digital imaging and document production. 

Confocal Cell Imaging Facility 

Perform confocal microscopy for members of the UCLA biomedical community.

Electron Microscopy Facility

Designed for conventional electron microscopy and offers a broad range of electron microscopy services to principal investigators who are engaged in ultrastructural studies or require ultrastructural information in their research.

Chemistry and Biochemistry Micro-Electronic Shop  

Provides electronic design and fabrication for custom electronics solutions to unique situations encountered in research projects.

Computing Technologies Research Laboratory 

Develop Internet accessible database applications to enable and enhance research or education in the UCLA biomedical community.

Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM)

Provides professional and technical service for laboratory animal care, veterinary medical services, and animal research project support for faculty, students, and employees of UCLA in keeping with the UCLA Policy on Animal Care.

DNA Microarray Core

Process the latest commercial microarray technologies and create custom slides with up to 15,000 genetic targets arrayed on each slide.

Sequencing and Genotyping Core Facility 

Provide large-scale sequencing and genotyping for research groups.

Embryonic Stem Cell Core Facility (ECS)

Provide advice in the design of targeting constructs, provision of targeting vectors, one gene targeting experiment, Germline, Microplasma, expansion of ES cells not prepared in the ES cell center and one use of J1genomic library (filter + plates) to screen for genomic clones.

Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory  

Provides instrumentation and technical and professional assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting.

Fluorescence in SITU Hybridization (FISH) and Tissue Array Facilities  

Used to visualize genes on various targets using fluorescence microscope.

Gene and Cellular Therapy Core 

Designed to provide scientific and technical support for clinical and laboratory projects that require use of recombinant retroviral vector technology and hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) purification.

Laboratory of X-ray Crystallography  Provides 3-dimensional structures of a molecule using solid crystals via X-ray crystallography.
Molecular Screening Shared Resource  Possesses a 30,000+ small molecule library which includes a large collection of molecules from ChemBridge (30,000 compounds) in addition to some focused libraries from BioMol (500 compounds): bioactive lipids, endocannabinoids, ion channel ligands, enzyme inhibitors and orphan ligands.
Mouse/Human Chimera Core  Provide for the development and application of severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) and nude mice in relation to HIV research.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility Obtain basic proton spectra.
Pasarow Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Contains seven different instruments, which collectively represents a wide range of capabilities for mass measuring molecules in excess of 100,000 daltons in molecular weight.
Peptidomics Resource Laboratory   Provides synthetic peptides for UCLA investigators.
Transgenic Mouse Facility Produces transgenic and knockout mice in a specific pathogen free (SPF) environment and offers additional related services for investigators at UCLA.
Information and Computer Services Department  Provides computer support to all faculty, staff and fellows.
Mouse Phenotyping Core  Provides various services to characterize transgenic and other mouse models.