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Asthma Patient Education


Asthma Patient Education Videos in English and Spanish

Click on one of the links below to open a page where you can view the video

Huff & Puff: An Asthma Tale


Soplar & Rabiar: Un Cuento de Asma


Online Resources

Asthma Medicines - Download PDF

Asthma Medications

American Lung Association - Asthma Information

NIH National Asthma Guidelines


Rescue Medications: Quick-relief Bronchodilators















Controller Medications: Anti-Inflammatory


Aerochamber Spacer Devices (for use with inhalers)


Spacer with mouthpiece for children five years and older

Medium spacer with mouthpiece: for children 1 - 5 years old

Small spacer with mouthpiece: for infants (less than 1 year of age)

Face mask - use with children under 5 years of age using a nebulizer


Mouthpiece for children over 5 years of age using a nebulizer


Pari Lc Cup


Compressors to use with nebilized medications