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Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA
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UCLA Pediatric Neurology


Neurodevelopmental Disorders Program


The Neurodevelopmental Disorder Program at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders. These disorders include autism, cerebral palsy, neonatal prematurity, speech and motor
delays. Our physicians and staff are highly trained in a multi-disciplinary manner to address the needs and issues associated with neurodevelopmental disorders.  We have a thorough approach to treating children with developmental delays while showing compassion and guidance to their families.

The program will provide diagnostic and treatment plans to the children in a multi-disciplinary fashion in collaboration with our Neonatal ICU team, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Child Development and Genetics.  We work closely with community based programs (ie, Pediatric Minds, Regional Centers) to provide continuity of care to our patients. 




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