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UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute


Annual Symposium


The 1st Annual UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute Symposium:

Catalyzing Interactions in Child Health Research

Thursday, May 29, 2014



Part 1: Development Scholars - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 2: Brain, Behavior, and Development - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 3: Keynote Speaker - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 4: Cancer and Regeneration - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 5: Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 6: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Growth - CDI Symposium 2014

Part 7: Selected Fellows Poster Discussions - CDI Symposium 2014

Fellow research proposals and abstracts:

First Year Fellows Research Proposals

Moira Breslin - Infection, Inflamation, Immunity  Jina Lim - Nutruition, Metabolism and Growth
Christopher Chyu - Heart  Jan Lindsay - Heart
Sumit Datta - Heart  Rupal Patel - Lung
Joanna Gell - Cancer and Regeneration  Megan, Pearl - Infection, Inflammation, Immunity
Leslie Kimura - Infection, Inflammation, Immunity  Paul Rodriguez - Brain, Behavior and Development
Kimberly Silva - Liver  Jennifer Sucre - Lung
Edward Talya - Infection, Inflammation, Immunity  Sabrina Thyle - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
Elizabeth VanDyne - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth  

Second Year Research Abstracts

Kristina Adachi - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity Roy Kao - Cancer and Regeneration
Lisa Arcilla - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth Nadine Khouzam - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
Sana Ashraf - Nutriition, Metabolism and Growth Kattayoun Kordy - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Gina Capodann - Nutriition, Metabolism and Growth Helen Pizzo - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Bob Geng - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity Monica Sondhi - Brain, Behavior and Development
Ben Hendrickson - Brain, Behavior and Development John Tran - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Melody Hsu - Cancer and Regeneration Sheetal Wadera - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Leanna Huard - Brain, Behavior and Development  Pricilla Yu - Resuscitation Training

Third Year Research Abstracts

Griselda Alvarez - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth Natalie Quanquin - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Katherine Chung - Cancer and Regeneration Kevin Quinn - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Peter Chung - Brain, Behavior and Development Gavin Roach - Cancer and Regeneration

Mark Hanudel 1 - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth

Monika Saeedian - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Mark Hanudel 2 - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth Joyce Varghese-Madden - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Gita Indramohan - Brain, Behavior and Development James Washington - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Caroline Kuo - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity Joanna Yeh - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
Elizabeth Lai - Heart Eric Yen - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Rachel Lewis - Basic Science Susy Yusung - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
Anjali Nayak - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth Nousheen Zaman - Brain, Behavior and Development


8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast and Check-In
8:30-8:45 Welcome: A. Eugene Washington, M.D., MSc; UCLA Vice Chancellor and Medical School Dean
8:45-8:55 Introductory Remarks: Sherin Devaskar, M.D.; Executive Chair, Pediatrics and UCLA CDI Institute

NIH K12 Funded Child Health Research Center Development Awardees (External Reviewer: Nina Schor, M.D., Ph.D.)

10:20-11:25 Theme I - Brain, Behavior and Development
11:25-12:00 Lunch
12:00-1:00 Invited Guest Speaker: Bruce Gelb, M.D. - The genetics of congenital heart disease: A long, dazed journey into clinic
1:00-2:05 Theme II - Cancer and Regeneration
2:25-3:30 Theme III - Infection, Inflammation and Immunity
3:30-4:35 Theme IV - Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
4:35-5:00 Wine and Cheese Social (available until 6pm)
5:00-6:00 Poster Discussions
6:00-6:30 Continued Poster Viewing (on display all day)

Download and share:          Symposium Flyer    Symposium Program

Additional Information contact: Candace J Wilkinson, Ph.D.  Scientific Officer cwilkinson@mednet.ucla.edu