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UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica
Unit & Floor Information

The resources below provide unit-specific information unique to each floor in UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica to help our patients and visitors know what to expect during their stay.


Adult Intensive Care Unit (4 Central Wing)
(424) 259-9430

The goal of our Adult Intensive Caer Unit is to provide excellent, patient-centered care with teamwork and compassion.

Adult Surgical Unit (4 North Wing)
(424) 259-9420

Our 26-bed facility provides patient-centered care to adults and adolescents who are recovering from surgery.

General Medicine Unit (4 Merle Norman Pavillion)
(424) 259-6811

Our 4 MNP General Medicine Unit provides excellent, patient centered care to individuals with medical conditions requiring hospitalization.

Geriatrics Unit (5 North Wing)
(424) 259-9520

Our 5 NW Geriatrics Unit has a highly skilled team of physicians, nurses, and clinical care partners with special training and expertise in caring for the unique needs of individuals age 65 or older.

Intermediate Care Unit (5 Merle Norman Pavilion)
(424) 259-9540

The 5 MNP Intermediate Care Unit provides comprehensive care to patients with acute needs for continuous cardiac monitoring, pulse oximetry monitoring or ventilator assistance.

High-Risk Pregnancy

Labor and Delivery Unit
(424) 259-9250
Website: birthplace.uclahealth.org

Labor & Delivery features eight rooms designed especially for women who need continuous monitoring and specialized medical and nursing care. In addition, we have seven delivery rooms that also can be used for pre-term patients, if needed, two operating rooms and a recovery room.

Oncology Unit (4 Southwest Wing)
(424) 259-9450

Our 26-bed unit provides a compassionate and safe healing environment supported by cutting-edge medical science, advanced technology and dedicated nursing and support staff.

Orthopaedics Unit (3 North Wing)
(424) 259-9430

We provide comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, surgical and rehabilitation services to adults and adolescents with musculoskeletal disorders.

Outpatient Services (1 Merle Norman Pavilion)
(424) 259-9775

We provide invasive and noninvasive diagnostic tests to help referring physicians develop the optimal medical plan to meet your needs. If your physician referred you to us for a procedure, you will go home afterward as none of the tests we administer requires an overnight hospital stay.