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Imaging the Blood Brain Barrier with Brain Structure and Function in Post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) presenting with Neuropsychiatric and Cognitive symptoms


Brief Summary

Based on latest research, approximately 30% of individuals infected with COVID-19 show symptoms such as headache, mental-confusion (described by patients as brain-fog), fatigue, and anxiety, which may last up to 9 months after the illness. This has led to the definition of a new disease subtype, the long-COVID-19 syndrome. In this multi-investigator, collaborative project, we will employ cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging research protocols to link these neuropsychiatric and cognitive symptoms to brain imaging. We will look at both structural (anatomical) and functional (brain activity) measures including the blood-brain barrier integrity from MRI.

We plan to enroll 40 subjects, COVID+/Np+/Np- (Patients who are 90 days past their COVID positive diagnosis and with and without neuropsychiatric symptoms), and COVID-/Np+ (Participants who have tested negative for COVID, but show neuropsychiatric symptoms), and healthy controls (COVID-/Np-). Each participant will undergo MRI scanning (up to 1.75 hours) and a battery of neuropsychiatric and cognitive testing (2-3 hours) with a total of 2-3 visits including consent.


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Yesenia Aguilar
  • UCLA Westwood