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Living with Pancreatic Cancer


Brief Summary

Living with Pancreatic Cancer: Psychological, Social, and Health-related Experiences of Patients and Caregivers Description: Pancreatic cancer is the 12th most frequently diagnosed cancer and the 4th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Adults and loved ones affected by pancreatic cancer, as well as medical professionals, need to understand the psychological and interpersonal consequences of diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, identifying the factors that help people living with the disease to maintain their quality of life and to plan for the future is important. Accordingly, the aims of the proposed research are to identify contributors to favorable quality of life in pancreatic cancer patients and their partners/primary caregivers. In a university-based clinic for cancer diagnosis and treatment, approximately 60 pancreatic cancer patients and their partners/primary caregivers who agree to take part in the study will complete one in-person and two telephone assessments across three months. The proposed research will advance the understanding of the experience of pancreatic cancer, provide important findings to perform a larger study, and pave the way for the development of approaches to promote quality of life and health for adults living with pancreatic cancer.



Eligibility: 18 years or older adults who are competent to give informed consent. \n\n \n\n Eligibility criteria include: 1) adult with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, any stage, any diagnosis date, 2) willingness to complete one in-person assessment session, and two follow-up telephone or online questionnaires in English (budget cap precludes valid translation of assessments into other languages); and 3) sufficient mobility to attend clinic appointments. \n\n \n\n For more information about the eligibility criteria for this trial, refer to the Health Professional version.

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Annette Stanton
Alex Jorge
  • UCLA Westwood