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COVID-19 Vaccine - Distribution & Scheduling

Below are frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 vaccine distribution & scheduling. Click on another category to the left to see more FAQs.

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Yes. While the authorized vaccines are all safe and effective, if you want to receive a specific vaccine type, you should select a location that offers the vaccine you prefer when you schedule your appointment.

If you receive a vaccine that needs two doses, it is important that you receive the same vaccine for both doses. For example, if you receive the Pfizer vaccine for your first dose, you must get a Pfizer vaccine for your second dose. This is the same for the Moderna and Novavax vaccines. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is only one dose.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free. If you have insurance, your insurance provider may be charged for the vaccine administration, but there will be no out-of-pocket cost for you. If you don’t have insurance, there is no cost.

If you are a UCLA Health patient, the best way to schedule your vaccination is through the online patient portal, myUCLAhealth. If you’re unable to login to myUCLAhealth, you can contact the support team at 855-364-7052.

Once you’re logged in, select “Visits” from the top navigation and then “Schedule an Appointment.” Choose “COVID Vaccine” as the reason for your appointment, select whether this is your first or second dose appointment, and then choose the location, date and time that works for you.

You can also schedule a vaccination appointment through one of the following:

The second vaccination dose should be received 21 days after the first dose for the Pfizer and Novavax vaccines and 28 days after the first dose for the Moderna vaccine.

The CDC offered additional guidance on this topic, noting that if it is not feasible to receive the second dose within the recommended interval, it may be scheduled up to six weeks (42 days) after the first dose. While there is limited data on how well vaccines administered beyond this window will work, if a second dose is given beyond the six-week window, the CDC notes that there is no need to restart the series.

Note: The CDC recommends that young male patients consider waiting 8 weeks before the 1st and 2nd doses of the primary series in order to reduce the potential risk of myocarditis.

UCLA Health patients can also schedule through myUCLAhealth. You can schedule your appointment through the California My Turn portal or get it at a local pharmacy. You do not need a doctor's note to get your booster shot.

Yes. You can book a second dose appointment in myUCLAhealth. Once you’re logged into myUCLAhealth, select “Visits” from the top navigation and then “Schedule an Appointment.” Choose “COVID Vaccine” as the reason for your appointment, note that this is your second dose appointment along with what vaccine type you received and on what date, and then choose the offered location, date and time that works for you.

You can find your digital COVID-19 vaccine record within myUCLAhealth under COVID-19 Information or Immunizations. Within the myUCLAhealth (MyChart) app, you can find your digital record by clicking on the "My COVID Info" icon. If your vaccine info is missing in myUCLAhealth or incorrect, please let your primary care office know.

You can also request your record through the California Department of Public Health's Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record website. Please note that UCLA Health has no control over the state vaccine record website. If you have any questions, please see their FAQ or call 833-422-4255.

If your vaccination information is incorrect within myUCLAhealth, please let your primary care office know when and where you were vaccinated so they can update your chart.