Our Mission

Wellness Initiative

The Anesthesiology Wellness initiative aims to improve work/life balance, fitness, health, and our ability to cope with stress. According to research, physicians who take care of themselves not only experience less stress, but are better role models to their patients and families, and have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores.

We use a multimodal approach including social, fitness, and mental health events, education and peer support. Our Wellness Committee collaborates with Wellness groups across the UCLA campus, and is involved in a multidisciplinary Peer Support Pilot Program.

In our first year, we visited the UCLA Planetarium with our kids, hiked in the Santa Monica Mountains, and learned about resilience, emotional intelligence, multicultural awareness and retirement planning.

Here are a few tips:

  • Take a daily time-out for exercise, yoga, or meditation
  • Connect with friends and family in a meaningful way
  • Have a mantra you can turn to when feeling stressed
  • Use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to lessen stress
  • Get enough sleep!

Keren Ziv, MD

Chair, Anesthesiology Wellness Committee