Our 2023-2024 Pain Medicine Fellow Physicians:

  • Christian Gulde, MD, MS, MBA
  • Elena Madan, MD
  • Kristina Michaud, DO, MS
  • Laura Pasternack, MD
  • Alex Pham, MD, MS
  • Tiffany Russ, DO, MS 

Christian Guilde, MD, MBA, MS and his family

Christian Gulde, MD, MBA, MCS

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Undergraduate: West Texas A&M University, BS Chemistry and Biology
Graduate: New York Institute of Technology, MCS / Texas Tech University, MBA
Medical School: Texas Tech University
Why I chose UCLA: I chose UCLA for their commitment to developing comprehensive pain medicine physicians. The Pain Medicine program here continues to be at the forefront of medicine by providing the opportunity to explore the newest technologies in the industry while caring for a unique and diverse population of patients with some of the most amazing faculty in the country. In addition to the mix of operative experience and clinical practice, the close knit community is exactly what I desired in my final year of training. After training on the East Coast and Texas, I couldn't wait to experience all the West Coast has to offer!

Dr. Christian Gulde enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family, friends and dog. During his free time he enjoys sailing, camping, reading and swimming. He and his wife enjoy exploring new cuisines and bringing the experience to their own kitchen. They have traveled all over the world and are eager to share the experience with their young children.

Kristina Michaud, DO, MS and her family by the beach

Kristina Michaud, DO, MS

Hello! My name is Kristina Michaud. I am from San Diego, CA and completed anesthesiology residency at the University of Virginia. I returned to CA for fellowship at UCLA last summer and am so happy to be back near family. My husband and I enjoy spending time with our new baby, Bolden, exploring sunny Southern California! We love trying new restaurants around town, traveling, going to the beach, taking day trips to San Diego to see my family, wine tasting and more. We are enjoying our time here but also are eager to move to Macon, GA for private practice in the fall!




Laura Pasternack, MD and her family

Laura Pasternack, MD, MSc

Hometown: North Tustin, California
Undergraduate: California State University, Fullerton 
Graduate: University of California, San Francisco, MSc
Medical School: Drexel College of Medicine, MD
Why I chose UCLA: I chose the UCLA Chronic Pain Fellowship because of its comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to pain management, which integrates advanced medical procedures with holistic care strategies. The program's strong emphasis on evidence-based practices and innovation aligns with my passion for contributing to future advances in the field of pain medicine. Additionally, UCLA's diverse patient population provides an invaluable learning experience in managing a wide range of chronic pain conditions. The supportive faculty and collaborative environment has allowed for robust professional development and mentorship opportunities which I am grateful to have as a new interventional pain physician.

Dr. Pasternack brings her enthusiasm for interventional pain and regenerative medicine to UCLA. She is married with two girls and a new baby boy. Her hobbies include swimming, hiking, meditation, painting, and developing new inventions for everyday solutions. Her family dog, Konjo, is a Guinness World Records holder for fastest dog on two front paws and consistently outruns Dr. Pasternack on the beach. Most of her free time is spent teaching her children to be good humans and explore the wonders of the outdoors.

Alex Pham, MD, MS

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Undergraduate: Tulane University, BS Biological Chemistry
Graduate: Tulane University, MS Cell and Molecular Biology
Medical School: LSUHSC - New Orleans
Why I chose UCLA: I chose UCLA because it offers the best training environment in pain medicine - private practice style, diversity in pathology, diversity in patient background, and an environment that encourages teaching and helping patients.

I’m a huge sci-fi nerd tempered by lifting lots of weights. I can bench 300 and walk you through the entire lord of the rings saga.

Tiffany Russ, DO, MS in Beverly Hills

Tiffany Russ, DO, MS

Hometown: Washington D.C.
Undergraduate: Towson University, BS Biology
Graduate: Georgetown University, MS Physiology and Biophysics
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Why I chose UCLA: I chose UCLA because I wanted a strong clinical pain foundation, complex patient population, and a program with a procedural emphasis. I have an interest in cancer pain and looked forward to working with faculty whose interest align with my own in order to help me cultivate a fulfilling career in pain medicine. 

Tiffany Russ, DO, MS at a California vineyard



Dr. Russ's interests include medical journalism. In 2022 she worked with ABC Medical News Unit in Manhattan, NY. She published several articles, reviewed, and authored television scripts. Her hobbies include interior decorating, photography, traveling, and checking out new restaurants.