Multiple Colored Circles

The Center for Systems Biomedicine is able to promote and facilitate basic and translational research for researchers with individually customized services that require highly specialized expertise and/or instrumentation at minimal cost.
These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Consultation
  • Providing or facilitating access to specialized protocols and/or expensive instrumentation for gene expression profiling and cytological phenotype profiling
  • High-throughput molecular screening of drug candidates by utilizing high-throughput and highly automated robotic systems
  • Analysis of protein expression and function

High-throughput molecular profiling platforms

  1. Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, the NanoString nCounter gene expression system and a 384-well CFX real-time PCR (BioRad) are available for use in gene expression studies. The Nanostring system can examine the expression levels of up to 800 genes or 750 microRNAs in the same sample in ~6 hr. Learn more
  2. BioRad Bio-Plex 3D with a Suspension Array System and Bio-Plex Pro II Wash Station is available for processing of xMAP assays which can be built on either magnetic beads or non-magnetic beads. Learn more

Drug discovery platforms

  1. BiomekFX automated workstation equipped with a robotic transport system (Beckman-Coulter) and EnVision multilabel plate reader (PerkinElmer) is available for high-throughput molecular screening studies to identify novel therapeutic candidates. More than 100,000 chemical compounds are available, including a drug library of FDA-approved drugs (Enzo Life Sciences) available for high-throughput chemical screening on this platform.

Cellular modeling platform

  1. The xCELLigence system (ACEA biosciences, Inc) is available for monitoring of cellular events in real time without the need for incorporation of labels, and can be used to quantitate cell number, and monitor cell viability, as well as cell morphology, migration, adhesion and epithelial barrier integrity. Learn more