Help new faculty members in their research planning. Mentoring is aimed at new faculty members, but existing faculty are welcomed to participate in any way that may help their research.


Mentor will meet with new faculty; review their research training and expertise, past research experience and their short- and long -term research ideas. Mentor will review faculty's plans and help faculty focus on realistic goals that will lead to productive research and long-term research development in a specific area.

The long term goal will be to help faculty members to establish themselves as independently -funded investigators with recognized national and international expertise and accomplishments in a specific area or field.

Mentor will use their academic experience as well as the advice of other faculty, both in gastroenterology and in other departments or schools to help faculty in their research planning, grant writing, manuscript preparation and the formation of research ties and collaborations with other investigators at UCLA or at other institutions.

It will be critical that new faculty members contact the research mentor as soon as their faculty appointment is finalized even before starting their tenure as faculty at UCLA. Planning the research, applying for funds intramurally or extramurally and obtaining the appropriate approval of the specific oversight committees is a fairly complex and relatively long process and needs to be started as soon as possible.

Research Faculty Mentor

Daniel Hollander, MD
10945 Le Conte Ave #2114
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Email: [email protected] 


  • Division academic personnel will notify Dr. Hollander about all new recruitments and their contact information.
  • New faculty should contact Dr. Hollander as soon as their recruitment has been finalized.