Licensure Requirements

POLICY:  The State of California Business and Professions code Sections 2065 and 2066, states the following:  All graduates of foreign or domestic medical schools are allowed to train in an ACGME accredited training program for a maximum of two years without medical licensure.  Graduates of American or Canadian medical schools may train in California for one year even if they have trained in another out-of-state ACGME accredited training program for two or more years.  Graduates of foreign medical schools who have trained in an ACGME accredited program in another state; the period of time of that training reduces the amount of time allowed for unlicensed training in California.

Residents who continue to train after the two-year licensing exemption has expired may be fined by the Medical Board in amounts ranging from $100 to $2500 depending upon the severity of the violation.

The policy of the program will be as follows:  1) All resident physicians must obtain California medical licensure before the end of the second year of clinical training.  Accomplishing this requires that USMLE Parts I, II, and III are successfully completed by May of the first year of training. 2) In the event that licensure is not obtained by the end of the second year of training, the trainee will be immediately suspended and/or terminated from the program. No credit for residency training will be given for the time under suspension.