Our Faculty

Aksone Nouvong

Chief of Podiatric Surgery at UCLA: Aksone Nouvong, DPM (Associate Program Director at UCLA) 

Our three-year surgical based residency program aims to train residents to become well rounded podiatric physicians and surgeons. Residents receive training from some of the most respected teaching hospitals in Los Angeles with a diverse patient population at the Greater Los Angeles, UCLA, Olive-View UCLA, and Kaiser Hospitals. At these facilities, our residents learn from numerous nationally recognized attendings. Training involves exposure to a wide variety of lower extremity pathology including trauma, limb salvage, reconstruction, and elective surgery. Additionally, residents have vast opportunities to participate in research studies. Research at our program has been robustly funded by more than $3 million in grants. 

Residency Program Director: David Aungst, DPM
Residency Program Director: David Aungst, DPM

Residency Program Director at UCLA: David Aungst, DPM

UCLA Attendings:

Stephen Benson, DPM 
Sean Choi, DPM 
Byron Collier, DPM 
Denise De Alba, DPM 
Justin Franson, DPM  
Narek Garukyan, DPM  
Jeffrey D. Goss, DPM 
Kamran Jamshidinia, DPM 
Bryan Katz, DPM 
Brett Kesler, DPM 
Saieh Khademi, DPM 
Misha Lanzat, DPM 
Eric Lee, DPM  
Ashley Miller, DPM 
Michael Pilkington, DPM 
David Rosenberg (Plastic Surgeon), DPM 
Raffi Salibian (Radiologist), DPM 
Christopher Tatum, DPM 
Jonathan A. Thompson, DPM 
Tanler Volkmann, DPM  
Oliver Wang, DPM 
Robert C. Williams, DPM 
Syamak Yamini, DPM 

Kaiser Attendings:

Charles Han, DPM 
David Kleinbrodt, DPM 
Wanlop Noiwangmuang, DPM 
Eugene Zarutsky, DPM  

Podiatric Surgery Residency