UCLA Center for Systems Biomedicine

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What is Systems Biomedicine?

Systems biology is a new interdisciplinary science that derives from biology, mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering and other disciplines. A systems biology approach could integrate high throughput "omic" data, derived from human biomaterials, aiming to identify the central regulators (hubs) of disease pathogenesis, thus allowing the identification of novel drug targets.

Technology and Services

Our services and technology include (but are not limited to) consultation, high-throughput molecular profiling platforms, drug discovery platforms and cellular modeling platforms.

Lab equipment and technology
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Vector Core

We promote and facilitate basic and translational research by providing investigators with access to vector technologies that enable efficient gene transfer to mammalian cells in culture and in in vivo.

Supporting Research

The Melvin and Bren Simon Charitable Foundation supports pioneering research such as the Center for Systems Biomedicine.