What to do while waiting for an opening at KidsConnect?

While your child is on the waitlist for KidsConnect, it is important that you obtain services for him or her within the community. There are some suggestions summarized below:

How do I register my child?
Complete the registration forms, that can be downloaded from this site, and post hard copies, along with supporting documentation to KidsConnect - see Registration pages for more information.

Will my insurance cover KidsConnect?
Most healthcare insurance plans have benefit coverage for the KidsConnect.  Please call your plan to find out how our program is covered and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be. View the checklist on this website for questions to ask your healthcare provider.

What KidsConnect will provide my child with?

  • comprehensive assessment in all developmental areas (e.g. cognitive, speech and language, occupational skills, recreational skills, self-help, social, emotional, behavioral)
  • individual comprehensive educational plan
  • a specific behavior program written to address your child’s needs.
  • a structured cognitive-developmental program
  • speech and language therapy (usually two or three times a week)
  • occupational therapy (usually two times a week)
  • recreation therapy (usually one to two times a week)
  • self-help skills training
  • social skills
  • medication evaluation and intervention

What KidsConnect will provide your family with?

  • regular opportunities to observe your child in the program and meet with specialists
  • regular meetings with a case coordinator and/or co-directors
  • regular meetings with a social worker and nurse for parent education
  • parent support through a weekly parent group
  • the most updated information about autism and related developmental disorders
  • opportunities to access other medical referral sources (e.g. neurology, genetics)
  • a case conference that brings together resources at KidsConnect with your family and community service providers.
  • assistance with transition back into the school and community
  • a full multidisciplinary report with specific and individualized recommendations (e.g. for IEPs, IFSP, etc.)

Most of all, KidsConnect will provide your family with peace of mind that you are doing everything that needs to be done for your child.  We don’t utilize just one approach.  Instead, we systematically determine which approach works best for your child.  Your child will be better prepared in all areas of development and adaptive behavior.  You will be armed with knowledge about your child and the school and community systems -- you will be your child’s best advocate.

Is KidsConnect right for my child?

The KidsConnect specializes in treatment for:

  • toddlers and preschool children from two to seven years of age who would benefit from a structured early childhood environment.
  • children who are on the autism spectrum and/or present with developmental disabilities or other severe behavior problems requiring intensive treatment.
  • children who have tried less intensive outpatient treatment and been unsuccessful, or do not have access to these services in their community.
  • Parents who are willing to actively participate in the program and transport their child to UCLA.