Thank you for your interest in supporting KidsConnect at the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA.

 KidsConnect is an internationally recognized model for the treatment of children from two-to-six years of age with autism, related developmental disabilities, and behavioral disorders. Established in 1993, KidsConnect provides state-of-the-art intervention for both children and their parents. The impact of this fully integrated, interdisciplinary, 12 to 14-week intensive treatment program goes far beyond the UCLA campus.

 There is increasing demand for the unparalleled services provided by KidsConnect. The waiting list for admissions can be as long as two years – vital time stolen from the critical first six years of a child’s intellectual and social development. Those early years represent a developmental window that is the best opportunity to make meaningful changes to essential areas of development in children with autism: language, early social skills and intellectual abilities. For many children, receiving early intensive intervention is the most important factor in changing the course of their development. We need your help to ensure that this vital community need is met and that we achieve our goal.

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