KidsConnect is a five-day a week, six-hour a day program. All aspects of the program are fully integrated and coordinated to create an individualized, comprehensive, consistent, interdisciplinary, and therapeutic environment.

KidsConnect will provide your child with:

  • comprehensive assessment in all developmental areas (e.g. cognitive, speech and language, occupational skills, recreational skills, self-help, social, emotional, behavioral)
  • diagnostic assessments if necessary
  • individual comprehensive educational plan
  • a specific behavior program written to address your child’s needs.
  • a structured cognitive-developmental program
  • speech and language therapy (usually two or three times a week)
  • occupational therapy (usually two times a week)
  • recreation therapy (usually one to two times a week)
  • self-help skills training
  • social skills
  • medication evaluation and intervention

Ideal referral candidates:

Children ages 2-6 with ASD, developmental disabilities, or behavioral disorders.  Children/families currently enrolled in KidsConnect are eligible to participate in research. We do not recruit outside of the clinic.


Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00

To apply for a place at KidsConnect, you must complete our registration process

If you would like further information, please contact Annette Lovato, Administrative Director @ (310) 206-2695 or [email protected].

Application materials for KidsConnect are on our website

For more parking and transportation information, please visit

Our hospital and parking lots are big, and can be very disorienting, so please give yourself and extra 15 minutes to find us.  After you park, go to the Semel Institute, the tall brick building on the northeast corner of Westwood and Stein Plazas.  Enter at 740 Westwood Plaza; KidsConnect is located on the 7th floor.

Semel Institute/NPI Building
760 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
United States

Phone: (310) 206-2695
Fax: (310) 825-0676

Faculty and Staff
Director: Tanya Paparella, Ph.D.
Director: Stephanny Freeman, Ph.D.