UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute

The UCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute (CDI) was founded to enhance the culture for innovation and groundbreaking collaborative research spanning from molecule to community.



Vision: A beacon for all investigations and innovations targeting Children's Health and Disease.

Mission: To connect all research and training activities related to improving Children's Health, spanning from discoveries at the bench through translation to the bedside to rolling out to community practice through collaborations and networks established locally, nationally and globally.

The UCLA CDI, founded to transform children's health and healthcare here in the United States and around the globe, will drive multidisciplinary collaboration among faculty and ensure groundbreaking discoveries for children.

The Institute will pioneer advancements in pediatric medicine in the following initial four core areas of research:

  • Brain, Behavior and DevelopmentUCLA Children's Discovery and Innovation Institute
  • Nutrition, Metabolism and Growth
  • Cancer and Regeneration
  • Infection, Inflammation and Immunity

Each area will focus on prevention, screening, treatment, and training opportunities for the next generation of pediatricians. A mentorship program in the four primary research areas will enable younger physicians and scientists to learn from UCLA's world-class experts in pediatric medicine and collaboratively related disciplines.

CDI Institute Overview (PDF)

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Save the Date

2nd Annual Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute (CDI) Symposium: Catalyzing and Expanding Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Translational Child Health Research

Thursday, May 28, 2015
11:00am-6:30pm, Tamkin Auditorium, UCLA RRMC Hospital

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