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If you are a new patient seeking prenatal care, please call 310-794-7274. If you are an established patient and need to reach labor and delivery, call 310-825-9111 for Westwood or 424-259-9250 for Santa Monica.

Special Services at The BirthPlace, Santa Monica

The BirthPlace, Santa Monica offers these specialized services:

  • Nurse Midwives Program
    We have a robust, on-site nurse midwifery program for expectant mothers who want a midwife to manage their pregnancy, labor and delivery. Midwives work with pregnant women and their significant others to create a safe environment for a birthing experience that uses little, if any, technological intervention in a normal birth process. Midwives are experts at identifying when you are approaching decision points in your care and will explain the risks and benefits of intervention options. If medical intervention is necessary, UCLA physicians are available 24/7 for consultation and referral. For more information, call 310-794-4434Learn more 
    Mother and child
  • Perinatal Testing Lab
    This is an outpatient unit on Level 1 in our Merle Norman Pavilion, where specialized nurses perform perinatal tests such as ultrasounds for babies. If your baby needs special monitoring during your pregnancy, you can receive all the diagnostic tests you need here. Appointments are available weekdays, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. Most tests can be completed in one hour.
  • 24-Hour Laborists
    Our laborists are board-certified obstetricians who remain on the unit and are available to manage your labor until your personal obstetrician arrives. They also provide a safe delivery in the event that your doctor is not able to arrive in time for your delivery. Our laborists respect each family's birth plan and collaborate with your obstetrician, who remains in charge of your care.
  • 24-Hour Obstetrical Anesthesia
    Our dedicated, in-house anesthesiologists are available 24 hours to ensure you have access to anesthesia during labor or should an emergency C-section become necessary. Our anesthesiologists can provide you with effective pain relief that is safe for you and your baby while you remain awake.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
    The BirthPlace, Santa Monica offers high-level care for critically ill babies needing surgery or other intensive care. The NICU is a Level-II facility staffed by UCLA neonatologists, nurses and other health professionals with advanced training and expertise in caring for premature or ill infants. Occupational and physical therapists, social workers and dieticians provide additional support
  • Newborn Nursery
    While most infant care and evaluations occur at the mother's bedside, some procedures may be done in our Newborn Nursery, which is staffed by nurses who specialize in newborn and postpartum care. Because we prefer to keep newborns with their mothers, babies referred to the Newborn Nursery for observation, assessments or other procedures are reunited with their mothers as quickly as possible
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care Patients at high risk for complications during their pregnancies may be admitted to our hospital for antepartum, or pre-birth, care by our specially trained nurses and perinatologists — doctors who specialize in managing high-risk pregnancies. We also provide antepartum care to pregnant women expecting twins or triplets.