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UCLA Center for East-West Medicine

Clinical Specialty

The UCLA Center for East-West Medicine began as a subspecialty consultative clinic in 1993 and has since become known throughout the UCLA Health system for its patient-centered model using both biomedical and traditional medical approaches. Patients throughout the spectrum of disease often benefit from the combination approach, and the Center also has become known as the clinic of last resort for patients whose conditions are resistant to the best of conventional medicine. Patients in consultative care are empowered to take part in their healing process through patient-centered education, focusing on self-care techniques, a home exercise program, and integrative Chinese nutrition. Currently, there are three UCLA Health locations offering East-West medicine consultative care: Santa Monica, Westlake Village and Torrance.


Providers: Kakit Hui, MD, FACPMalcolm Taw, MD, FACPLawrence Taw, MD, FACP; Andrew Shubov, MDKatie Hu, MDGrant Chu, MD, MS;  Annie Zhang, MD; Alan Chu, MDPayam Bokhoor, MDRicky Chang, MD, MSCalvin Fong, MDMegan Jolicoeur, DOQiuxue Tracey Tan, MD and Sara G. Ptasnik, MD

Locations: Santa MonicaWestlake VillageTorrance
Email[email protected]
Website: https://uclahealth.org/cewm/


UCLA Integrative Diabetes and Endocrinology Care

Rashmi Mullur, M.D., board-certified in endocrinology and integrative medicine, leads a 90-minute group clinic where patients learn about integrative approaches to managing and coping with diabetes. The session focuses on the role of stress in blood sugar management and reviews the common dietary approaches, supplements, and mind-body techniques that have been proven to be effective in diabetes care. Each participant undergoes an assessment of their diabetes-related distress and leaves with an individualized action plan, including yoga and mindfulness practices that can be done at home. Dr. Mullur also sees patients for individualized counseling on integrative approaches for diabetes care, review and management of herb and supplement use, as well as consultation for the integrative management of endocrine disorders, including thyroid and adrenal diseases.

Website: uclahealth.org/endocrinology/diabetes/integrated-medicine-diabetes-care


UCLA Integrative Medicine and Rheumatology

The UCLA Integrative Medicine and Rheumatology program empowers patients to take charge of their lives for optimum health. Through educational seminars, patients can learn about new perspectives on the role of central pain syndrome in rheumatologic disorders, including primary and secondary fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, connective tissue disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. Nutrition seminars also are offered, in collaboration with the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (CEWM) and UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. These seminars provide updates on the emerging field of integrative rheumatology and the impact of vitamin D, exercise, meditation, and sleep on immune system function, with implications for health and illness. Educational seminars are offered, including, “Integrative Rheumatology: Engaging, empowering and educating patients to take charge for optimum health,” and nutrition seminars in collaboration with the CEWM and the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

simms mann

Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

 Built on a foundation of academic, evidence-based research and whole-person care, the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology has become a national model of integrative oncology care and training for "when medicine alone is not enough." The center's highly trained multidisciplinary staff of oncology social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, an integrative nutritionist, chaplain, and others provides essential psychosocial support to patients and their families, as well as guidance in navigating the complex medical system throughout the entire cancer trajectory.

The Center offers a number of comprehensive programs in a calm and tranquil environment, including:

  • Patient/Family Support–a wide range of supportive care options for patients and loved ones, including individual and family meetings to cope with cancer challenges:
    • improve psychological adjustment from diagnosis to bereavement
    • develop and improve adaptive coping skills
    • improve family communications related to cancer and assist parents in discussions with minor children (limited child consultations)
    • facilitate communication with medical team
  • Groups/ Workshop Support–designed to build supportive communities and facilitate participation in mindful meditation, qigong, art therapy, spiritual care, and more to improve coping skills
  • Psychiatry Support–oncology-specific consultation/care from UCLA psychiatrists
  • Integrative Wellness Assessment–offered on a fee-for-service basis to patients and those at risk of cancer, this integrative oncology specialist consultation provides evidence-based recommendations for nutrition and supplements
  • Reflections–the professional staff of UCLA's nonprofit boutique can assist with physical appearance changes and provide guidance for neutraceutical supplements, curated garments, and gifts
  • Simms/Mann Center Website–archived lectures, educational blogs, articles, and cancer-specific resources for the community

Most services are provided at no cost to patients. The center has served the Greater Los Angeles community since 1994 and is funded through philanthropic support from the Simms/Mann Family Foundation and UCLA, along with grants and donations of any amount.

Provider: Aashini Master, DO 

Email:  [email protected]
Website: Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine at UCLA

UCLA Health Lifestyle Medicine

The UCLA Health Lifestyle Medicine Program heals hearts and transforms lives. UCLA Health is proud to offer the first scientifically proven program to reverse the progression of heart disease by helping participants make lifestyle changes. UCLA Health Lifestyle Medicine focuses on four elements of a person's life: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and group support. The combined effect of all four elements makes the transformative difference. The choices a person makes have a powerful effect on health, and there has never been a better time to make those choices count. For those ready to transform their lives, UCLA Health Lifestyle Medicine can help them slow, stop, and even reverse the progression of coronary artery disease.

Website: uclahealth.org/lifestyle-medicine

greet day

UCLA Health Greet the Day Program

Greet the Day therapists provide comfort-oriented hand and foot massages to patients while they are receiving treatment at the UCLA Bowyer Oncology Infusion Center. Participants in a recent study at an academic outpatient, comprehensive cancer center reported a statistically significant reduction in pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety after receiving therapeutic massage.

Phone Number: (310) 267-8223


UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

For more than two decades, the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition has been at the forefront of research, patient care, and education. Because nutrition is a major pillar of health, the Center for Human Nutrition's main approach to clinical care and research is developing personalized nutrition plans to enhance health. Over nutrition is the most prominent nutritional disorder affecting a person's risk for more than 100 diseases. Currently, two-thirds of the United States population and over half of the world population are either overweight or obese. The UCLA Weight Management Program and the UCLA Clinical Nutrition Clinic are multidisciplinary clinics within the center whose physicians, dieticians,  and psychologists utilize a personalized approach to help patients achieve their health and weight loss goals, as well as manage their medical conditions through nutrition and lifestyle modification. In addition, the center takes pride in providing the latest nutritional guidance and support for transplant patients, and patients with cancer and many other chronic diseases.

UCLA is leading the way in the science of personalized nutrition. The center houses ongoing discoveries in genomics and the microbiome present possibilities for an even more dynamic era of scientific investigation that will be translated from bench science to the clinic.

Website: uclahealth.org/clinicalnutrition


UCLA Integrative Digestive Health and Wellness Program

Under the leadership of Drs. Eric Esrailian and Lin Chang in the Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Division of Digestive Diseases, UCLA is at the forefront of a new frontier in the way patients with gastrointestinal conditions are treated — one that recognizes the importance of not simply treating the digestive tract, but looking at the whole person. The Integrative Digestive Health and Wellness Program within the Melvin and Bren Simon Digestive Diseases Center has a team of experts who work collaboratively to enhance overall health and wellness. In addition to the gastroenterologist, other team members include a GI nurse practitioner with expertise in the brain-gut axis and mind body approaches such as mindfulness, registered dietitians with special expertise in digestive health, and a GI health psychologist who specializes in the use of evidence-based psychological treatments such as gut-directed cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback and hypnosis to improve psychological adjustment. Our program's wellness approaches provide patient empowerment and health enhancement to improve symptom management and the ability to cope with illness and thrive. We have expert gastroenterologists, such as Kirsten Tillisch, MD, chief of Integrative Medicine at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and a specialist in the brain-gut axis, who develop treatment plans that incorporate not only medications, but also lifestyle changes, including mind-body approaches and dietary interventions. By working together in an integrative fashion, our program creates personalized care plans to meet each patient's needs grounded in the latest knowledge about digestive health, the brain-gut connection and strategies for enhancing health. We aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients' digestive health and overall well-being.

Website: uclahealth.org/gastro/gi-wellness

brain wellness

UCLA Brain Wellness Center

Worried about the wellness of your brain? Potentially concerning symptoms include changes in memory, attention, concentration, and abilities to perform various mental tasks; difficulty retrieving the right words; problems with executive functions, such as setting priorities and maintaining focused attention; and trouble multitasking, following instructions, and managing daily activities. Early detection of changes in cerebral function can lead to earlier, more-effective treatment. The Brain Wellness Center's consultation service provides, when appropriate, a complete medical history, physical and neurological examination, neuropsychological testing, blood labs, and brain imaging for patients with worrisome symptoms, along with an integrated evaluation encompassing all components of this assessment. The consultation service closely coordinates care with other clinical services available at UCLA, including East-West Medicine, geriatrics, internal medicine, neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, nuclear medicine, and radiology. The range of services make possible accurate identification and measurement of alterations in brain chemistry, structure, and function, occurring even years before patients are otherwise diagnosable with conditions affecting their cerebral function, such as neurodegenerative diseases, early Alzheimer's-type changes, those occurring as a result of recent head trauma, or many years after cancer or autoimmune disease therapy that may have resulted in brain impairment. The center then guides patients to the most effective treatments for their specific conditions at a time when it will most benefit them.

Email: [email protected]


UCLA Longevity Center

 The UCLA Longevity Center focuses on helping people live better longer. The center's innovative memory and brain health programs encourage lifelong learning, a vital component of longevity, in community members of all ages and are available across 14 states and internationally. Longevity Center programs are flexible to fit the populations' needs, from those with age-related memory concerns to mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

Email: [email protected]
Website: Semel Institute: UCLA Longevity Center

sleep disorders

UCLA Sleep Disorders Center

The faculty members of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center are a multidisciplinary group actively involved in clinical care, as well as basic science and clinical research, aimed at identifying and treating sleep disorders in children and adults. As sleep disorders negatively impact overall health and can contribute to other health problems, the center also works closely with community-based UCLA physicians and practices to promote healthy sleep, and to identify and expedite treatment for sleep disorders.

Website: uclahealth.org/sleepcenter

Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative psychiatry is a integrative, patient-focused approach to health and wellness  that aims to improve well-being of the whole person by emphasizing mind-body-spirit connections. This clinic uses integrative and complementary therapies for psychiatric disorders.  We can provide strength-based assessment of resilience and spirituality, and help patients select complementary mind-body and other therapies of their choice to promote wellness and resilience, patient engagement, and to improve overall psychiatric outcomes.

Contact: [email protected]

Providers: Helen Lavretsky, MD, MS & Sarah Nguyen, MD

Website: Semel Institute: UCLA Integrative Psychiatry Clinic

UCLA Health Rape Treatment Center Integrative Approaches

Website: uclahealth.org/rtc

UCLA Health Operation Mend Integrative Approaches

Website: uclahealth.org/operationmend