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The LGBTQ Health Initiative ensures that all patients have access to compassionate, inclusive and equitable care.

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UCLA Health is a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ patients. Call 310-825-2631 to make an appointment.

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Why choose UCLA Health for LGBTQ health care?

We formed the LGBTQ Health Initiative to deliver compassionate, equitable and inclusive care for our diverse community. We aim to create an affirming and supportive environment for patients, their families and our staff.

Some of the highlights of the LGBTQ Health Initiative include: 

National recognition: We’ve achieved recognition as an LGBTQ Health Care Equity Leader from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation. The HRC evaluates facilities’ policies and practices related to equity and inclusion for LGBTQ patients, visitors and employees.

Leaders in research: The Clinical AIDS Research and Education (CARE) Center provides leading-edge medical care and clinical trials for people living with HIV/AIDS. We are a center for many national and international HIV research networks and a site for pharmaceutical and smaller-scale clinical trials.

Full-spectrum health care: We offer culturally competent primary care services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning children, teens and adults. We also provide a range of gender-affirming care options, including all types of gender-confirming surgeries. 

Mental health resources: We run mental health programs for individuals, families and peer groups. We also have a vast network to connect LGBTQ individuals with psychiatrists or psychologists for all types of mental health needs.

Convenient locations: Our primary care providers who regularly care for LGBTQ+ patients conveniently practice at several locations throughout the greater Los Angeles region. This means you can always access expert care close to home.

Our services

In addition to providing full-spectrum medical services to all LGBTQ+ patients, we offer specialty programs for patients with specific concerns, including:

Gender Health Program: Through this program, we offer health care for children, teens and adults who are transgender or gender diverse. We provide the full range of gender-affirming treatment options, including hormone therapy, voice therapy and gender reassignment surgery.

EMPWR Program: We designed the EMPWR Program to promote wellbeing and resilience in LGBTQ children, teenagers and adults. An expert team of psychiatrists and psychologists provides mental health resources, including individualized, family and group counseling.

AIDS Institute: In 1981, UCLA physicians reported some of the very first cases of what we now know as AIDS. Since then, we have conducted clinical trials to find the best HIV/AIDS treatments, medications and prevention tools. Simultaneously, we run a fellowship program for physicians who want to specialize in HIV medicine.

Common terms in LGBTQ+ health care 

LGBTQ+ patients may visit us for general health care needs, or they may have concerns specific to their gender identity.

Some of the terms we commonly discuss in LGBTQ+ health care include: 

Gender identity: Each individual’s sense of being male, female or another gender.

Cisgender: Refers to someone whose gender identity matches their assigned sex at birth.

Non-binary: Refers to a person who doesn’t identify as only male or female. People may also use terms like gender non-conforming, gender fluid or gender diverse.   

Transgender: Someone whose gender identity does not match their assigned sex at birth.

Gender dysphoria: The discomfort or distress associated with not identifying with your assigned sex at birth. 

Preferred pronouns: The terms a person prefers that others use to reference them. People tend to choose masculine (he/him/his), feminine (she/her/hers) and gender-neutral (they/them/theirs) pronouns.

Gender transition: The process of changing your outward gender expression and other characteristics so that it matches your internal sense of gender identity.

Treatments we offer

We provide a range of treatments to support LGBTQ patients. Common treatments we offer include: 

LGBTQ mental health services

LGBTQ individuals often have unique concerns. Our specialized counselors provide one-on-one, family or group therapy options. We match you with the right therapist for your needs.

Fertility treatment 

Same-sex couples may opt to explore fertility treatments to have biological children. Additionally, treatments like hormone therapy and surgery can alter a transgender person’s fertility. We offer fertility preservation options to transgender patients before transition.

Transgender health care

Transgender patients may opt for noninvasive treatments to help them transition to a gender expression that matches their gender identity. Common options include: 

Hormone therapy/puberty blockers: Patients may opt to take hormones such as androgen or estrogen to achieve a more desirable gender expression. Younger patients may also take blockers or drugs that prevent puberty.

Voice therapy: Speech-language pathologists offer voice therapy to help patients achieve a pitch, resonance and intonation that matches their gender identity. We also offer communication therapy to help patients communicate in a way that expresses their truest self. 

Gender reassignment surgery

For some people, gender-affirming surgery is a vital step in the transitioning process. At UCLA Health, you’ll find:

Chest reconstruction/top surgery: We offer both bilateral mastectomy to achieve a more masculine chest and breast augmentation to achieve a more feminine chest.

Facial reconstruction: Our expert craniofacial and plastic surgeons provide a variety of surgery options to help patients achieve their desired appearance.

Genital reconstruction/bottom surgery: We collaborate closely with specialists in plastic surgery, urology and gynecology for surgical transitions that involve changing a patient’s genitalia. Our specialists recommend surgery options based on specific concerns and goals.   

HIV/AIDS treatment

We offer state-of-the-art medical care for people living with HIV and AIDS. Patients have access to Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatments as well as promising new therapies available through clinical trials.

Meet our team

Our team includes primary care physicians as well as expert surgeons, mental health professionals, speech-language pathologists, social workers and more. We collaborate to offer you comprehensive, evidence-based care.

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