Alumni Artwork

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Artist’s Inspiration

Walking on a beautiful day after dark thoughts of mortality haunted me and my heart, I suddenly felt a surge of enlightenment and the joy of being alive arose. I returned home to document that experience with this painting. After being included in the UCLA Health Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation was inspired to create a series of paintings focused on the heart.

This particular painting entitled, “Ornish Healing Heart,” was conceived after an enormous influx of hope & resolution introduced by the Program. It is meant to represent the letting go of any previous restraints or damage to the heart by allowing a clear bright new world and perspective to take the heart in reverse and offer the promise of healing and an engaged and extended life force.


This painting is offered to the UCLA Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program as a token of gratitude and inspiration.

In the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program’s Stress Management CD, there is there is an instruction to lift your heart and allow enlightenment to fill it. This painting is my representation of that moment.

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