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Our pediatric pulmonologists customize every treatment based on your child’s needs. Call 310-825-0867 to connect with an expert.

Through collaboration between pediatric pulmonology, otolaryngology (ear-nose-and-throat), and gastroenterology, the Pediatric Aerodigestive Clinic at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital will provide advanced care to children with interrelated breathing/swallowing and gastrointestinal issues. We diagnose and treat children using a multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach. We work closely with other specialists such as allergists, dieticians, social workers, speech therapists, and/or occupational therapists as needed.

Multidisciplinary care for children with chronic medical conditions provides coordinated, cost-effective, and patient-oriented medical care for families and patients. The field of aerodigestive disorders has grown and research has demonstrated positive outcomes including decreased hospitalizations or unplanned medical visits and increased patient and/or family satisfaction. Optimal diagnosis and treatment rely upon a multidisciplinary approach.

We evaluate and treat a wide range of disorders for patients with diagnoses in at least 2 of the following categories:

Gastrointestinal  Pulmonology Otolaryngology
Achalasia Asthma Dysphonia
Caustic ingestions with stricture Bronchiectasis Craniofacial syndromes
Dysphagia Chronic cough Laryngeal cleft/web/atresia
Gastrostomy tube w/o fundoplication Chronic pulmonary aspiration Recurrent croup
Gastroesophageal reflux Congenital diaphragmatic hernia Stridor
Eosinophilic esophagitis Hypoplastic lung Subglottic stenosis
Esophageal dysmotility Interstitial lung disease Vocal cord paralysis
Laryngopharyngoesophageal reflux Noisy breathing  
Esophageal atresia Tracheomalacia  
Tracheoesophageal fistula Tracheostomy  

Available diagnostic studies include: Breath testing (lactose, lactulose, fructose)Bronchoalveolar lavageBronchoscopy (flexible and rigid), Endoscopy, NasolaryngoscopypH probe testingPulmonary function testing, Radiologic studies (esophagram, gastric emptying study, swallow study, chest X-ray, CT studies)

Schedule: 1st Tuesday afternoon of each month in Westwood (200 Medical Plaza, Suite 265).

Referrals, questions, and supporting medical records can be faxed to the attention of Dr. Ross (Pediatric Pulmonology) and/or Dr. Wozniak (Pediatric Gastroenterology) at the administrative offices listed below.

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