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Adam's apple surgery before and after

Doctors at the UCLA Gender Health Program have developed a technique to reduce an Adam’s apple bump without leaving a scar on the patient’s neck.

Shot being prepared

A new study from UCLA researchers indicates adult flu vaccination rates have declined in states with low rates of COVID-19 vaccination, which the authors say may be a harbinger of declining trust in public health and could make some populations more vulnerable to preventable disease.

Newsroom default

Preclinical studies using laboratory mice that model human infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 indicate an inexpensive, readily available amino acid might limit the effects of the disease.

Graphic of stem cell and DNA strand

A new study in mice finds that a gene therapy developed by a UCLA researcher appears to correct a rare creatine deficiency disorder that commonly results in intellectual disabilities, problems with speech, involuntary movements and recurrent seizures. 

Image of UCLA cancer researchers Drs. Gatien Moriceau and Cristina Puig-Saus

Dr. Cristina Puig Saus and Dr. Gatien Moriceau, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers, have received the Young Investigator Award from the Melanoma Research Alliance, the largest nonprofit funder of melanoma research.

Image of UCLA cancer researchers Dr. Yujue Wang and Dr. Zhenato Yang

Dr. Zhentao Yang and Dr. Yujue Wang, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers, have been chosen as dermatology fellows by the Melanoma Research Alliance, the largest nonprofit funder of melanoma research. The year-long fellowship provides funding to promising clinicians and researchers-in-training to help advance research in melanoma prevention and early detection.

blue double helix models on background

A new UCLA study has identified a gene on the Y chromosome that protects against pulmonary hypertension – a rare but fatal disease that occurs four times more often in women than men.    

Illustration of neurons

New UCLA research points to a novel treatment for respiratory depression associated with opioid use by administering electrical pulses to the back of the neck, helping patients regain respiratory control following high dosage opioids.

110 freeway along downtown Los Angeles

A new study in mice by UCLA scientists reveals how exposure to traffic-related air pollutants causes cellular changes in the placenta that can lead to pregnancy complications and affect the health of both mother and offspring.  

A photo of a pregnant woman

UCLA researchers have taken the initial step in identifying what may be an effective way to detect gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) earlier in pregnancy, potentially improving diagnosis and treatment for what is the most common disorder of pregnancy.

Sad girl sits on floor

Data from 44 hospitals in 26 states show that suicide or self-injury and depressive disorders were the primary mental health reasons children received emergency department (ED) or hospital inpatient care after statewide school closures were enacted during the first part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illustration of neurons

UCLA researchers have discovered a key molecular mechanism behind memory linking, the recollection of one significant memory triggering the recall of others.

A photo of kids on the playground.

A new Supplement released today in the journal Pediatrics suggests that although we are starting to connect the dots between events and experiences early in life and later adult health challenges, we are not doing nearly enough to intervene in childhood to optimize later health outcomes.

Man walks hand in hand with boy

A new report uses national data to highlight the intersection of autism, poverty and race/ethnicity and their compounding impact on health and health care.

Doctor speaking to patient

A new study led by researchers at UCLA has shown that a specialized primary care medical home improved the care and treatment of patients with serious mental illness, resulting in better mental health-related quality of life.